Riddle is savage, but there are four more takeaways from Last Night's WWE release

Riddle is savage, but there are four more takeaways from Last Night's WWE release

Nothing was nearly as amazing as it was last week when Sasha Banks and Naomi had enough of WWE''s crappy creative and walked out on this week, but somehow we still found five things to keep an eye on. Here are five takeaways from last night''s.

Can''t Cody Rhodes Get a Clean Miz Win?

Cody Rhodes'' neck is sucking and he has too much pyro. Considering Rhodes has won twice against Seth Rollins, you might be inclined to believe it was somehow managed to avoid the wishy-washy 50/50 booking fantasies of WWE, but as it turns out, he couldn''t even win a clean victory over The Miz as the match ended in DQ. Not a great sign, but we''ll have to see what happens at.

Ezekiel Has Been Getting a Good Deal

In typical WWE, the Ezekiel gimmick is mildly entertaining against all odds, but they''re rehashing the same thing week after week, and it''s starting to wear thin. Ezekiel beat Chad Cable in a meaningless match on WWE Raw last night, but at least Kevin Owens finally challenged him to a match afterward. Hopefully, Ezekiel may transition onto something new (although it''s WWE, so he''ll likely face Owens at five additional

Riddle is getting a lot of fun.

Riddle was really sad about losing the match against the Usos on and without Randy Orton, he had to cut a solid promo on WWE Raw last night and it went pretty well! In any case, the crowd was enraged. It''s easy to tell that Orton would be an outspoken player. The promo was impressive (though the match was quite disappointing).

Corporate Stooge by Corey Graves

Corey Graves was used as a corporate puppet to sabotage Sasha Banks and Naomi for resisting going to the ring to face Alexa Bliss, implying that Banks and Naomi "disappointed the WWE universe" and screwed over Nikki and Doudrop. In any case, he is a shill with no integrity who should be ashamed of himself, and he should be ashamed of himself.

Revenge of the 50/50 Booking

WWE is going to make sure that every talent feel like they can survive without the company again. With that in mind, Asuka will likely win the triple threat at, so she can win over Belair in a non-title match next week, so that everybody can have the same number of wins and no one looks like (gods forbid) a star.

Is it possible to miss something important? When we apply, do we already extend the definition of "important"? Please let us know in the comments. Or don''t. We don''t care.

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