Who's the star of Meet The Empress's Netflix series?

Who's the star of Meet The Empress's Netflix series?

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Elisabeth "Sisi," a sixteen-year-old Bavarian princess, has fallen in love with her sister''s boyfriend, Emperor Franz Joseph, and the two later marry, which is evidently quite depressing!

Sisi takes a journey to Vienna where she realizes she''s faced with the complex of court politics and her husband''s cruel family members, including Franz Joseph''s brother-in-law, who is obsessed with outshining his older brother, and Sisi''s mother-in-law Sophia.

It''s based on real life experiences, focusing on Empress Elisabeth''s life till her death in 1898.

Fans of period dramas like or will most likely love this series, and there''s a lot of character in it. Here''s everything you need to know about them...

Devrim Lingnau asEmpress Elisabeth

Elisabeth "Sisi" wasEmpress of AustriaandQueen of Hungary from her marriage toEmperor Franz Joseph between April 1854 and September 1898. She was known for being "shy and introverted by nature," meaning she struggled to adapt to the life she envisioned.

Devrim Lingnau, a German actress, has directed a number of German-language television shows, including, and plays her in a role.

Philip Froissant asEmperor Franz Joseph

From December 1848, Emperor Franz Joseph was Emperor of Austria,King of Hungary, and the other states of theAustro-Hungarian Empire. They married Elisabeth, and they went on to have four children: Archduchess Sophie, Archduchess Gisela, Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria, and Archduchess Marie Valerie.

Philip Froissant, a German actor and singer known for his theatre work, plays Jonas Hansen in Netflix''s film.

Melika ForoutanasPrincess Sophia

Princess Sophia of Bavaria was Emperor Franz Joseph''s mother, and is most famous in the series for taking an instant disliking to Elisabeth, causing problems for the couple as they navigate both marriage and royal duties.

Melika Foroutan has been cast in drama, as well as playing Silvia Henke as the prosecution officer in the critically acclaimed German TV show.

Johannes Nussbaum asArchduke Maximilian

Emperor Franz Joseph''s brother is constantly aiming to upstage him and believes he would be a better ruler. There''s also a lot of drama to contend with within the family, as Maxmilian does not seem to approve his sister.

Johannes Nussbaum, a German actor known for films, plays him.

Elisa SchlottasHelene

Helene was Emperor Franz Joseph''s scheduled bride-to-be, but instead he fell in love with Elisabeth, putting a dangerous strain on the two sisters'' friendship, and it appears that everyone would have preferred Helene and Franz to marry.

She''s played by actress Elisa Schlott, who starred in the TV series. Playing Greta Nussmeier as the role of. She has also played inand.

Jordis Triebel as Princess Ludovika

Princess Ludovika is the mother of Helene and Elisabeth, who is equally as upset when Franz chooses to marry Elisabeth instead, as the decision may jeopardize the planned split between the houses.

Jordis Triebel, a German film and theatre actress known for her works such as, Netflix''s and, plays her.

Who else is in the cast?

  • Raymond Tarabay as Ambassadeur De Bourqueney
  • Hanna Hilsdorf as Amalia
  • Svenja Jung as Louise

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