Alolan Geodude Community Day is a Pokemon GO event

Alolan Geodude Community Day is a Pokemon GO event

This weekend, Niantic hosted an Alolan Geodude Community Day. The three-month-long Season of Alola promised a new Shiny Pokemon but it allowed players to search for one of the only Alolan-regional variant species that does not normally have a higher Shiny rate. Let''s look at whether this Community Day is worthwhile.

What worked in this event

  • Three hours: Say what you will, this is my take. I found that Niantic is right about Community Days three hours is enough. It''''s a bummer that we didn''''t get more notice as I know some people like to plan their work schedules around these events, but as a hardcore player, six hours of this event is tedious. By the time 2 PM rolled around, I was still excited but satisfied. In the past, six-hour Community Days made me eager for the event to be over so I could go back to regular spawns. This is controversial and your mileage may vary, but when it comes to actual gameplay, I personally do believe that limiting this event to three hours is a good move at when it comes to hardcore players.
  • Bonuses: Niantic flooded the last few Community Days with more than the normal one bonus, which seems to be an olive branch for nerfing the time limit of the event. The extra bonuses are better than the extra three hours in my opinion, with the XL Candy bonus being the major winner. My advice to Niantic? Sometimes, you wait for the community to get used to something and then take away your "I''''m sorry" bonus. These ones? Just keep them. Come on, now.
  • Alolan Geodude: For a middle-of-the-road Community Day, a fine choice. Certainly better than Alolan Sandshrew, which already had a boosted Shiny rate.

What didn''''t in this event

  • Kanto Geodude: The Season of Alola included Sandshrew Community Day, which made both the standard Kanto and Alolan Sandshrew available in the wild. Alolan Geodude Community Day focused only on the Alolan version with a mere two Kanto Geodude encounters in the paid ticketed Special Research. After Sandshrew, this seemed cheap. Why not feature both after setting that standard?


When it comes to it, Alolan Geodude Community Day was a fun time that sees the organization continue to red tape.

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