Season 3 of The Equalizer will have five questions

Season 3 of The Equalizer will have five questions

Season 3 of this season''s schedule has come to an end, and viewers are at the edge of their seats waiting to see what''s coming. But do they have any questions? Here are five questions that are likely to be answered.

Is Robin McCall still alive in Season 3 of The Equalizer?

Because she is Robyn McCall! And otherwise there would be no season three. The better question is how does she escape? Who assists her? What happens during her capture? These are just some of the answers fans are looking for in season 3.

What happens with Mason Quinn in Season 3 of The Equalizer?

Mason Quinn, the Robyns arch nemesis, is back in town and up to no good. The last time she encountered him, not only did he murder her mentor Bishop, but he also advised her to stay out of his way until the end of season two. Viewers hope theyll see Mason Quinn''s future come true soon, putting them at the helm.

Will Robin and Dante compete in Season 3 of The Equalizer?

The relationship between Robyn and Detective Dante is off the charts. The mystery of the unknown aspects of Robyn''s life and their mutual respect for their crime fighting skills, creates a new sense of attraction. Robyn has saved Detective Dante on two occasions, so fans are waiting to see if he is the one to save her when she is abducted, and if this happens again.

In Season 3, what will Delilah deal with her PTSD?

After Delilah saw the death of her friend and classmate right beside her on the sidewalk, she developed post traumatic syndrome, which she had never experienced before. Bishop, an experienced counselor, was looking for treatment while his murder began weighing on her, causing her to seek treatment. Especially after she was concerned about her mother''s future.

In Season 3 of The Equalizer, will Marsette rekindle her love with her college sweetheart?

Aunt Vi had an unexpected visitor come to her doorstep, revealing it to her college sweetheart. They both agreed to break the deal off because they did not believe the relationship would survive the real world. In season 3, viewers hope to meet Aunt Vis'' love interest and see if this second love blossom into the real thing.

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