Viewers from Strictly Come Dancing marvel at new professional Carlos Gu

Viewers from Strictly Come Dancing marvel at new professional Carlos Gu

One of the show''s new professional dancers has fallen over himself, according to viewers.

Fans sat down on social media to cheer Carlos and his partner Molly Rainford, who surpassed the leaderboard after dancing a quick step.

Molly, a CBBC star, received lots of praise from the judges and viewers, but it was Carlos who became involved in social media!

Fans were able to express themselves admiring the professional who has only joined the show this year.

Dear Carlos Gu, I Love You #StrictlyComeDancing 1, 2022

Is anyone else in love with Carlos? #StrictlyComeDancingOctober 1, 2022

Carlos is a superstar #scd #Strictly #scd2022 #StrictlyComeDancingOctober 1, 2022

Carlos is a 28-year-old Chinese national champion. He is also a multiple world semi-finalist and came third in the German open championships.

Everything you need to know about it is fantastic!

During the launch of the show, Carlos grabbed her to prove her wrong, putting Claudia Winkleman in a fluster.

Claudia was put in a tizz as she joked: "I''m pregnant."

In the same time, Carlos''s celebrity partner Molly said she believes the dancer''s calm energy will "balance" her out as she''s loud while he has more of a quiet personality.

As tonight''s dance was a major success, a mixture of character types seems to be putting on hold!

Molly, who plays intergalactic superstar Nova Jones in the CBBC series, has won fans'' hearts, with one fan praising her laugh, and adding her dance was "serotonin."

CARLOS GU 3 MOLLY RAINFORD 3 this dance is such serotonin. #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing 1, 2022

Will Carlos and Molly be back to dance again next week? We suspect so, but we''ll be checking the results show tomorrow evening to make sure!

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