Robyn Miller is dead in the Casualty Spoilers?

Robyn Miller is dead in the Casualty Spoilers?

In the second episode, Robyn Millers lives are on the line (BBC One, 9.20pm, Saturday, October 1 2022) and Iain Dean expresses his displeasure at Faith Cadogan, and Dylan Keogh expresses his absolute cynicism! Is it the time to resign for the clinical lead?

Here are a few spoilers.

Robyn Miller''''s deadly collapse?

Nurse Robyn Miller pushes herself to extremes this week, causing havoc.

Robyn (Amanda Henderson) is attempting to balance her work with caring for her daughter, Charlotte, while becoming a surrogate for her friends Marty Kirkby and Adi Kapadia.

Robyn is in a state of slumbery after working at an overstretched and understaffed ED on Saturdays. Despite the poorly nurse, she spends the day working out a school play costume late night, combined with a cocktail of medications she is taking to prepare for the surrogacy.

Yet, with both a scan and Charlotte''s play planned for later that day, Robyn troops on - even when Adi (Raj Bajaj) is manipulated by Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) into letting him be the biological father of their children!

Robyn, who is stressed and feist at the end of her shift, collapses in the hospital car park while completely alone and begins coughing up blood.

Will she die?

Iain and Faith torn apart

Tensions between Faith Cadogan (Kirsty Mitchell) and Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson) can be heard when the struggling Hutton family is re-admitted to the ED after a shock stabbing.

Fans will remember the funny patient storyline first introduced in episode (BBC One, 7.45pm, Saturday 03 September 2022) - now available on BBC iPlayer - as a result of the rift between flirty friends Iain and Faith, who had a furious disagreement over the best course of action for alcoholic Liv, her son DJ, and Liv''s father Keith - played by an excellent trio of guest stars.

Faith was unable to tell why Liv (Kerry Fitzgerald) fell off the wagon after three years of sobriety, but Iain decided to go directly to social services. As a result, Liv was railroaded into returning to her fathers house with DJ. Iain stood by his decision, although he desperately wanted to protect DJ (Lawton Dickens) from Liv. Faith was also concerned that there was still more going on.

When compared to Liv, viewers discovered Faiths instincts were correct.

It will come as no surprise that the family makes a difficult return to the School of Medicine this week. Iain believes it proves his innocence throughout the journey, and is uninteresting in sharing this with a guilt ridden Faith.

Is it possible to use faith and Iain''s strengths to improve the truth in the opening scenes - even before the Huttons'' difficulties come to light - because they can barely speak to one other without fighting!

When one member of the family is admitted with a fatal stab wound, the relations between the doctors are rapidly falling. Will they be left with a death on their conscience?

Also in Casualty this week

Keep an eye on legendary Amanda Barrie, who plays as an overjoyed patient, Elsie Clegg.

Amanda was well-known for the scenes before landing the role of Alma Baldwin in. She also starred in,, and.

Elsie, a lonely and elderly lady, emerges in this week.

Elsie makes her presence a reality as soon as she''s caught in the ED cold, hungry, and stressing - with a chess board on her lap.

The chess fanatic tries to introduce herself to nurse Faith by throwing a pawn at her, naming her Fringe, and requesting a sandwich!

Despite Elsies'' grouchiness, Faith delights her lively patient and ends up abandoning a lunch date with one of her co-workers to play chess with her.

  • Amanda Barrie: I still get Alma-ed!

Elsewhere, Marcus Fidel (Adam Sina) is on a mission to prove Dylan Keoghs incompetence as clinical lead. After Marcus calls an awkward meeting, Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) replies.

Will Dylan lose his temper after a difficult day, all the worse by Marcus breathing down his neck?

Stevie Nash, a consultant, believes theres more to Faith and Iains love/hate interactions. Is she appropriate?

Junior paramedic Teddy Gowan (Milo Clarke) receives a lot of relief as he starts cracking bad jokes. We say that iains funnies aren''t a patch on those of Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) AKA the EDs king of the Dad Jokes, but let the battle go!

This episode of BBC One will air on Saturday, October 1, 2022 at 9.20pm, and is now available on iPlayer after it has been sent.

*Check back next week for an EXCLUSIVE star interview on this week''s cliffhanger.*

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