Teamrecommendations for Pokemon Go Master League

Teamrecommendations for Pokemon Go Master League

For instance, building a strong Pokemon Go Master League team is worthwhile to invest more than ever before, since it''s often part of the Go Battle League.

For two weeks in each Go Battle League of Pokemon Go each season, the Master League will be the focus, making you the best team possible irrespective of whether or not.

While the Master League is probably the easiest to work around, it''s also the most costly if you want to exert the maximum power of your chosen team. However, these Pokemon will be effective in other areas of the game, such as Raids, giving them extra value for your investment.

CP isn''t just about CP. Our Master League recommendations are based on the current Master League meta, which allows you to form a solid Master League team. And thanks to the recent move shake-up, the meta will begin the next Master League season if you want!

On this page, please follow the following instructions.

In Pokemon Go, here are a few things to keep an eye on.

The fact that no CP limits guarantee you the most of freedom for any League team, and although the Best Pokemon by and large do well here, the meta implies that certain creatures will do better than others depending on what you choose.

Legendaries are the most powerful members of this group, but it is difficult to form a team without them, both to purposely counteract them and to offer a wide range of coverage.

As a result, starter Community Day Pokemon is much less effective here than other leagues, but others that have been highlighted have evolved and exclusive moves that might really help you if you were there at the time.

While CP isn''t everything in this league, above all, you want to go with types that suit the meta - maximising the power of your chosen team can offer you a slight advantage. There''s a few ways to increase the cost effectiveness of your chosen team, from performing Lucky Trades to cutting their Stardust expenses (and increasing the likelihood of them having good stats) and having them as your best friend to boost their CP.

The higher your Trainer level you are, the higher the CP cap grows. That said, this final point is experiencing a decrease in Stardust and Candy costs, which will cost you a lot for little CP gain as you reach its cap, so don''t be stuck up on this in particular.

No matter what League you choose, you are after Pokemon with a decent amount of bulk (the ability to survive charged moves - type weakness depending - so you can free up some of your own) and those that are beneficial to the current meta (which is a term for what the community is currently employing).

While there are certain Pokemon and types that dominate the meta, please note that with the Go Battle League (and player versus player battles in general) you''ll be going in blind; therefore even if you cover yourself with a wide variety of offense and defence options, no team is invincible.

Despite the fact that some of the below Pokemon in your team may perform better than others, as close to the 2500 CP cap.

From Giratina to Groudon, our Pokemon Go Master League recommendations are endless.

There is no one ''best'' team you can choose, since, as mentioned previously, you don''t know what you are up against, and not everyone has access to every type of Pokemon.

With the recent shake-up to revitalize the Go Battle League, we''re going to develop a brand new meta, which means nobody is sure what exactly the best Pokemon are right now. What was once the top, is no longer the undisputed champ (sorry Dialga), and what was once the best moveset may no longer be the case.

The following is a list of recommended Master League Pokemon to suit all players, whether you''ve ever been collecting Legendaries since their debut, or you have just started playing. Some of these will be what was at the top before, and we thing is still worth running; some will be new additions that have come to the throne. Either way, check the moveset as there''s a strong possibility these have been reduced somewhat.

Remember that when you establish a team, you are permitted one of each in the Go Battle League, and you''d ideally want to build a team with different types of strengths and defense.

As of September 2022, our Pokemon Go Master League Team recommendations are in no particular order:


Normal Recommended movements: Lick (fast), Superpower (Charged), Body Slam (Charged) Snorlax weaknesses: Fighting

Snorlax is a great option because it is strong defensively; it is weak to very few other types, and has the ability to keep the distance in a fight.

Giratina''s resistance to ghost-type attacks is a great asset. Nevertheless, Superpower is powerful against another Snorlax, while Earthquake is capable of handling steel types.

If you''re struggling to round out a team, it is also, like Togekiss, one of the cheaper and easier to find Pokemon on this list.

Dragonite is a game changer.

Dragon / Flying Recommended moves: Dragon Breath (Fast), Dragon Claw (Charged) Superpower (Charged) Dragonite weaknesses: Ice, Dragon, Rock, and Fairy

Dragonite is now one of the top few players in the Master League, whether it be true or not.

With its high CP head, it gives it a brute strength few other Pokemon can match, and acts as a very effective dragon-type counter with its dragon moves and typing. And, by dropping Hurricane for the newly gained Superpower, Dragonite has increased the rankings to become one of the best possible meta options.

This is the real deal, and even if it guarantees a self-debuff, it''s enough to turn the tables on the likes of Dialga, it''s even stronger.

The good news is that Dragonite will be available for most players who want to try the new spice after having a Community Day. The bad news is that it''s basically that last sentence all over again. Make sure you pack something like Togekiss, Zacia, Lugia, Metagross, or Gyarados that can defeat this fan favourite.

If you''re curious as to if you should use a Shadow Dragonite instead of a regular one, you should not.


Psycho Cut (Fast), Psystrike (Event Exclusive Charged), Shadow Ball (Event Exclusive Charged) Mewtwo weaknesses: Bug, Dark, and Ghost

Despite Mewtwo once being one of the most popular Legendaries in the game with its EX Raid debut, chances are you''ve gone out of your way to get a Mewtwo over the years, and it is unsurprisingly winning in the Master League.

With its maximum CP of 4724, it also has the highest CP of any meta-relevant Pokemon.

There was previously debate on the best ways to build a Mewtwo, with the ideal choice coming down to whether you had the Shadow variant running Ice Beam or the regular version running Focus Blast. Now, we''re using the what''s just the best across both now Psystrike and the anti-psychic technology, Shadow Ball.

The Mewtwo mirror match might surprise you, but the Shadow Ball is actually there to defeat Lugia, the front-runner for the meta.

The Armored Mewtwo is a third variant, but it is ironically less weaker than the other two options due to its much lesser moveset, therefore we would advise against running it in the Master League.


Dragon Tail (fast), Sky Attack (Charged), Aeroblast (Event Exclusive Charged) Lugia weaknesses: Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice, and Rock: Psychic/Flying

Despite Lugias'' unique set of shortcomings, the Master League makes an incredible selection due to its immense bulk and the pressure it puts on opponents to burn through their shields.

The enormous Aeroblast makes it a fantastic attacker, although the very limited move set does, which makes it a little bit vulnerable.

In terms of matchups, the Shadow is considered to be the top pick for the most powerful Pokemon going into the new meta, but note that there is still a minor difference between the Shadow and regular Lugia. Both the Shadow variant will be taken to the ground by Dialga and Giratina Origin. Regardless of where you run, make sure you know when to swap out.


Steel/Psychic Recommended moves: Bullet Punch (Fast), Meteor Mash (Community Day exclusive Charged), Earthquake (Charged) Metagross weaknesses: Fire, Ground, Ghost, and Dark

With steel proving to be very effective in the Master league, it''s handy to have the best Pokemon of its type, Metagross.

Metagross will fight Dialga and Mewtwo well, alongside fliers like Tokegiss and Lugia. However, it quickly folds against fire (Heatran) and ground types (Garchomp and Groudon).

Although Flash Cannon is powerful, you''ll want Meteor Mash, which is now available on Community Day.

Kyogre is the latest in a row.

Water Type: Water Recommended moves: Waterfall (Fast), Surf (Charged) and Blizzard (Charged) Kyogre weaknesses: Electric, Grass

Kyogre is another Legendary known for its raw strength and bulk alone.

It''s also, as far as Legendaries go, been relatively common, so it''s possible that you have one if you''ve been playing Pokemon quite long enough.

Although its water-typing in the current meta does not seem particularly useful, it is mostly on this list owing to its matchups with Metagross, Togekiss, Garchomp, and Groudon, along with Snorlax and Mamoswine. However, it will lose difficult to Giratina, Mewtwo, Dragonite, and Dialga, making it as risky as it is rewarding.


Mud Shot (Fast), Fire Punch (Event Exclusive Charged), Earthquake (Charged) Groudon shortcomings: Grass, Ice, and Water

Are you tired of using steel-types in this meta? Groudon has you covered, sweeping down Metagross and Dialga, without losing any time to Zekrom and Garchomp.

The downside is that it has its own shortcomings, including Mewtwo, Yveltal, Togekiss, and Kyogre''s generational.

If you encounter Giratina, make sure you are attentive. Both are close, but Garchomp will often defeat the more common form in this meta (Altered), while losing to the less common Origin form.


Mud Shot (Fast), Outrage (Charged), Earth Power (Charged) Garchomp weaknesses: Fairy, Dragon, Ice (double weakness)

Earth Power Garchomps are now a dime a dozen following Gible''s last years. It''s no surprise to see it here.

Garchomp does not excel in either type against others on this list, but as something that can handle itself well in battle, Garchomp is a great all-rounder to have in reserve, especially if you can equip it with two powerful Metagross and Melmetal weapons.

Be aware of its weaknesses, many of which are prominent in the meta; and make sure you keep it well away from a Lugia, Zacian, or Togekess if they arrive. Garchomp does make up for this with excellent resistance to electric-type attacks.


Poison, Steel, Rock, Ice, and Electric are some of the most recommended moves: Charm (fast), Ancient Power (Charged) and Flamethrower (Charged) Togekiss weaknesses: Poison, Steel, and Rock

Another Ultra League contender is to get a fantastic Master League debut, and the recent upgrade to Ancient Power isn''t something Togekiss-users will want to ignore.

Because Togekiss is an excellent dragon-type counter, and its fairy fast move Charge is able to shorten the work of some of the other dominant Pokemon in this list, such as Garchomp, Dragonite, and Giratina, as well as fighting-types such as Machamp with ease, while Ancient Power is a good counter to defeat another Togekiss.

Flamethrower is a great choice for those who want to fight steel-types, which it is weak against.

Togekiss is the best fairy-type in the game, but it is also relatively simple to get your hands on - chances are you''ve shattered a few in Eggs over the years, but it''s fairly inexpensive to level up and add a second charge move on if you do it in its early development stages.

Mamoswine is a slugher.

Powder Snow (Fast), Bulldoze (Charged) and Avalanche Mamoswine weaknesses: Fighting, Fire, Grass, Steel, and Water

Mamoswine''s double typing position it as a very effective counter in a meta with Pokemon with several ice weaknesses (Giratina, Togekiss, and Ground Disappointments).

Mamoswine''s dual typing has a disadvantage, but more weaknesses. This means that the steel-types it is strong against can easily damage it, as well as the massive Kyogre, which you''re still likely to encounter.

I think this is a very good counter pick - especially when you consider pre-evolution Swinub being a fairly common creature to make it a cost effective option.


Dragon Breath (Fast), Iron Head (Charged) and Draco Meteor (Charged) Dialga weaknesses: Fighting, Ground

Dialga, the former undisputed ruler of the meta, was last time there in the Master League; you either run one, or you run something that will take it down, like Groudon, Mewtwo, Metagross, or Garchomp.

Dialga remains a top-tier company, but it is no longer the be all and conclude all, so don''t worry if you don''t have one.

Make sure you invest your hard-earned candy in the best Dialga possible; the sheer volume here means that you will likely fall in the mirror, which leads to a difficult fight over who has the best IVs.

Dialga is another Legendary with the right moves, typing (steel is generally very beneficial in competitive play) and the ability to overthrow the vast majority of Pokemon it involves.

Those days, expect well-rounded teams with combat or ground moves to remain a threat against it.

Giratina (Altered ideally, but Origin is fantastic, too)

Shadow Claw (Fast), Dragon Claw (Charged), Ancient Power (Charged) Giratina Origin moves: Shadow Claw (Fast), Shadow Ball (Charged), Ominous Wind (Charged) Giratina weaknesses: Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Ice, and Fairy

Giratina has non only ruled the Ultra League, but also stands in the Master League. In the previous years, it had dropped in the rankings, but the recent rebalancing jas gave Giratina the chance to reap the spotlight, and now both of them are considered very impressive options for your team.

Giratina is incredibly powerful, relying on its brute strength and ghost / dragon-types to defeat most other creatures in a straight match. If you have the option, Origin is still a good option.

Giratina Altered''s rebalancing has been particularly helpful, as the boost to Ancient Power now allows it to defeat both Gyarados and Togekiss, which is huge.

Giratina is a Legendary, but until it reappears in Raids or weekly research, it cannot be found anywhere without trading.

Expect to encounter a host of counters against Giratina, which is the majority of this page''s selections, therefore going against the meta by using it makes sense, however, don''t worry if you don''t have one.


Dragon / Fire Recommended moves: Dragon Breath (Fast), Crunch (Charged), Overheat (Charged) Reshiram weaknesses: Dragon, Ground, and Rock

Reshiram is an excellent option in the Master League, completing short work of Metagross, Yveltal, Togekiss, and Giratina, as well as Zekrom.

The same issues abound in terms of its weakness to Ice Beam Mewtwo.

While Reshiram should defeat Dialga on paper (fire vs. steel), Dialgas bulk will often win the day. Garchomp and Dragonite are also losing, which we anticipate to see a lot of time.

Zekrom is the only one who is deputised.

Dragon / Electric Recommended moves: Dragon Breath (Fast), Crunch (Charged) and Wild Charge Zekrom weaknesses: Dragon, Fairy, Ground, and Ice

Zekrom is the one to watch if you like an electric-type to sweep all of your fliers. There is a need for Charge Beam, as the rapid push to speed this up is, but Dragon Breath is, on the verge, the better move to run.

Crunch is an excellent choice against psychic-types such as Lugia and Metagross.

Genesect (Chill Drive)

Fury Cutter (Fast), Techno Blast (Chill) (Charged), and X-Scissor (Charged) Groudon weaknesses: Fire

What''s at the top of the meta? Dragons. What do dragons hate? Ice. What do we have here? Ice, ice, buggy.

Apart from vanilla jokes, Fury Cutter is extremely quick charging and Techno Blast (Chill) is a demon against Dragonite and Garchomp. The trick is to charge up to Techno Blast and then punch the opponenet with a couple of X-Scissors to burn away their shields. If they''re out of shields, they''re eligible for the nuclear winter option.

Genesect has a couple of downsides, one of which is its large weakness to fire, but do not let it do it toe-to-toe with anything remotely warm.

The second issue is that the meta is less bulky than other things, therefore be aware that it cannot take the same number of hits as the rest of the meta. Make sure you pair this pick with something a little tankier.


Fairy Recommended moves: Fairy Wind (Fast), Disarming Voice (Charged), Moonblast (Charged) Groudon weaknesses: Poison, Steel

Florges is the way to go if you want to go all out with the fairy types. Using three Fairy moves, you''ll absolsultely defeat Dragonite and Garchomp, while also defeating the likes of Gyarados, Zacian, and Giratina Origin; but, with this level of inflexibility, you''re playing extreme rock and paper scissors if the typings aren''t in your favor. Metagross, for example, will tear through Florges

Vine Whip would have been the way to go before Florges gained access to Fairy Wind. However, this new move means that Florges can now defeat Lugia, Giratina Origin, and Zacian, all of whom we expect to be pretty significant in this meta. If you''re an Florges fan, here''s what you should do.

Yveltal is a graduate of the University of California.

Snarl (Fast), Dark Pulse (Charged) Focus Blast (Community Day Exclusive Charged) Yveltal weaknesses: Electric, Fairy, Ice, and Rock

Darkrai has been defeated by Yveltals from the meta by its higher frequency in raids, which is much more accessible to the target, as a dark-type attacker.

We have come to love the Go Battle League''s combination of bulk and humour. Mewtwo, Giratina, Groudon, Dialga, and Garchomp are all on this list.

Togekiss and Zacian will rapidly destroy an Yveltal as will Dragonite, which we''re expecting to dominate the meta.


Quick Attack (Fast), Close Combat (Charged), Play Rough (Charged) Groudon weaknesses: Poison, Steel

Zacian is an interesting option, as Quick Attack allows for quick charging, but it''s STAB move, Play Rough, takes a lot of effort. It hits hard, but it takes a lot of effort to do so.

Close Combat, a cheaper move, comes with a -2 Def self-debuff, which suggests that. If you''d prefer Wild Charge instead of Close Combat, then they''re basically the same thing, but with a different flavoring it all depends on what you think.

This disgraced, massive Pokemon is sure to be a hit, with the ability to defeat the obvious Dragonite and Garchomp, and even Gyarados and Togekiss!


Steel Added Strengths: Thunder Shock (Fast), Rock Slide (Charged), Superpower (Charged) Melmetal weaknesses: Fighting, Fire, and Ground

Although it is a steel-type Pokemon, Melmetal''s limitations stem from its ability to withstand battles, rock and electric-type moves.

Thunder Shock will allow you to direct damage to any Pokemon that are low to electric-type maneuvers, such as water Pokemon. Melmetal gains an advantage over other powerful Pokemon in the Master League, such as Snorlax.

Fortunately, getting a Melmetal is much more straightforward than it used to be. Historically, you would have to complete the Let''s Go Meltan special research quest or transfer to a Lets Go game to access the Mystery Box. Now that everyone has access to this item without owning a separate game, Melmetal is far more accessible than it used to be.

Good luck in the Master League!

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