From best Assassin to best Bruiser, Mage, Support, andTank, the MultiVersus tier list ranking

From best Assassin to best Bruiser, Mage, Support, andTank, the MultiVersus tier list ranking

MultiVersus is a fighter with a roster of all types of Warner Bros franchises.

Fans want to know who is going through MultiVersus Season 1 in terms of a tiered ranking.

As dust settles from the previous 1.03 patch and with Rick Sanchez''s arrival as the latest DLC character, a new meta is beginning to emerge.

MultiVersus is still evolving as a fighting game, but there is certainly enough to go on now in terms of Season 1 fighter rankings. As such, we''ve developed a very own MultiVersus tier list. This consists of a number of fighters currently in the game, and gives a sense of context to decide which category.

On this page, you will find it.

MultiVersus tier list

Each fighter in MultiVersus has been ranked in a single list, based on their strengths, weaknesses, options for attack, recovery, and general attack power. It''s worth noting that MultiVersus is still very early in its meta development. As players and pros spend more time with it, and as new adjustments are made in the form of patches, this list is likely to change somewhat.

MultiVersus is a fantastic place to be, with every character feeling solid in team play. Some fighters, such as Garnet and Gizmo, have received significant bonuses following the Season 1.03 patch, while others, like Jake, have improved.

BestWonder Woman, Finn, Velma
StrongArya, Shaggy, Harley Quinn, Taz, Bugs Bunny, Rick
GoodBatman, Tom + Jerry, Morty, Garnet, Gizmo
AverageReindog, LeBron, Superman, Jake
WeakSteven Universe, Iron Giant
MultiVersus fighterTier ranking
Bugs BunnyStrong
Harley QuinnStrong
Iron GiantWeak
LeBron JamesAverage
Rick SanchezStrong
Steven UniverseWeak
Tom and JerryGood
Wonder WomanBest

In Season 1, we discussed how we consolidated our MultiVersus tier list.

With the arrival of the latest Season 1.03 patch in MultiVersus, we''ve added several new features to the tier list. Some of the players on the roster were heavily nerfed, some were significantly buffed, and some improved balancing. Rick from Rick and Morty has also been added, and while players are adamantly still getting to grips with him for the time being.

At a glance, here are the MultiVersus tier list changes following Rick in Season 1.

  • Garnet - moved from ''''Average'''' to ''''Good''''.
  • Gizmo - moved from ''''Average'''' to ''''Good''''.
  • Jake - moved from ''''Good'''' to ''''Average''''.
  • Rick - debuts in ''''Strong''''.

Despite these recent changes, Garnet is the clear winner, and some minor improvements to Gizmo have also resulted in a new tier.

Despite their success, Jake, Shaggy, and Superman all received nerfs. Some seem to have been more harmful than others, partly Jake, whose ability to bounce opponents has been compromised. This time, Jake has dropped down a tier.

Rick has arrived in MultiVersus and is already proving to be a very good character. His Portal Gun is the real star of the show so far, and it is already dominating the new meta. It can be used to fire projections across the map, and for creating and maintaining combos. For the time being, Rick enters the "Strong" class.

The results of the EVO 2022 Multiversus tournament that took place in August. This event was fantastic, so we can see how pro players handled the MultiVersus roster. Bugs and Velma were some of our huge favourites here, and we''ve used some feedback from these matchups to make our decisions.

Let''s start off with our picks for the ''Best'' tier fighters. Velma absolutely dominated EVO 2022, and it''s been our experience that she still is a major top tier.

Velma is a superb coach who has been able to reduce downtimes for the team. It''s worth noting that although Velma has received significant nerfs in Season 1 so far, she is still an absolutely fantastic character to play.

Wonder Woman and Finn are also on the ''Best'' list, because Finn just hits like an absolute truck, and has fantastic hitboxes and kill options. Wonder Woman received some nerfs in the most recent patch, although she is still a great fighter. In MultiVersus, these three characters are fairly easy to learn.

We have moved one tier down to the ''Strong'' tier. These are fighters that might be effective opponents, but they are missing one or two qualities that keep them back. Harley is simply too easy to damage and kill at present, and Shaggy has been quite nerfed since his launch. Shaggy is amazing, especially if you master his sandwich projectile, but he can be tricky to use when things become more chaotic.

After the Season 1 patch, Bugs Bunny was reduced, and it''s still clear that the developer is working on balancing the character.

Rick has debuted in the ''Strong'' class, mostly owing to the possibility of Portal Gun and combo abilities. We''ll have to wait and see if or not he stays here after future updates.

As we shift down our tier list, the ''Good'' and ''Average'' fighters become harder to distinguish between. This is because, at the time of writing anyway, most of MultiVersus characters are feasible in some way.

Fighters in these categories can absolutely win your matches, but we either haven''t been surprised by our results, or haven''t seen too many players using them properly.

There are a few fighters across these two categories that should be highlighted. First is LeBron, who, according to our views, has some serious potential to be one of the best fighters in the game. He has many movesets, and excellent range with his projectiles. As players spend more time with MultiVersus, expect LeBron to climb up somewhat.

Tom and Jerry, who have demonstrated outstanding promise at the professional level. They are quite a complicated fighter, and because of that it''s difficult to recommend them to anyone who isn''t playing at the same level. Even so, they''re worth keeping an eye on for sure.

Batman has received yet another nerf, but the difference is quite significant. Yet, his verticality and comboing abilities make him stand out, as great players will be able to combat the enemy with batarangs in the run-up to attacks.

Morty was placed right into the ''Good'' tier earlier this year, and he is certainly still one of the best picks in this category. This is because he is a Bruiser fighter with enormous agility and range. He is now one of the game''s most versatile fighters, and has the potential to progress further in the tiers as players spend more time with him.

After suffering significant nerfs following patch 1.03, Superman is no longer the best in the ''Average'' tier. Jake is now the best here, after being dropped from the tier above.

Gizmo, a new addition to the roster, is a somewhat deserving player, although he does not have the ability to apply status effects or buffs. Hopefully, as players spend more time figuring him out, he can become more viable, regardless, he does great damage and is a joy to play as if you are a Gremlins fan. After the most recent patch, he has been moved to the ''Good'' tier.

Now on the ''Weak'' tier fighters. The good news is that there are only two fighters right now that can be classified as ''Weak.'' Steven Universe is just too strange a character at present, and requires some serious buffs and revamping to become competitive.

It''s difficult to see why anyone would choose him over Velma or Reindog, but there''s also possibility there. I consider Steven Universe to be quite similar to Iron Giant, as long as the community hasn''t worked them out yet. For the time being, Steven is very difficult to recommend.

Iron Giant is still alive after hours of play, yet it''s likely to be a while before anyone can see him in an interesting way. Unfortunately, Iron Giant received several nerfs at the start of Season 1, making him even more difficult to recommend.

We recommend using our tier list as a jumping off point to select new characters. While not all of these are great for casual players, they can be extremely useful and give insight into why certain characters are currently dominant the meta.

The tier list of Super Smash Bros. pro Nakat is a fantastic watch, but you''ll also learn more about how the roster performed in EVO 2022 as a whole.

Lilsun, a streamer, has created a video on the MultiVersus tier list based purely on competitive results. You may watch it below:

MultiVersus will receive new fighters and changes to the meta as it goes. This means our tier list will also be updated, and will vary depending on which characters have been nerfed, and which have been blocked. Stay tuned for updates on the meta in the future.

Best Assassin in MultiVersus

Finn the Human is the best Assassin character in MultiVersus. Assassins are trained in dealing damage while moving around quickly.

Here''s why Finn offers many options. Side Special may be used to move while blocking projectiles, and when your special is charged up, you may throw gems that can essentially be used to teleport.

The reason Finn came out on top of his class is because of his ability to do tremendous damage. They will be forced to drop gold, which is used to buff specials.

The game can be used as part of a down special. There are three options in this menu that pop up. The first, increases speed while another, provides a projectile shield while charging. BMO is forced into battle, giving players greater damage.

Finn has a variety of options for dealing damage as well as a high-five move that can deflect projectiles. Finn''s main weakness is a lack of ranged attacks, but with this, he can send projectiles back to the enemy.

Finn is our new pick for the most recent of the Assassin fighters.

Best Bruiser in MultiVersus

Bruisers are all about dealing damage, and they are able to hit hard in a variety of situations. Shaggy is now our pick here, following a big nerf to Batman.

Shaggy is a really quick fighter to learn, capable of doing tremendous damage after being charged up assaults.

A projectile has been introduced, but it has been extremely difficult to navigate.

If you can, you may choose the sandwich as a health item for your teammates.

Best Mage in MultiVersus

In MultiVersus, Mages are becoming one of the clear winners in class. This is because in its current state, MultiVersus is heavily targeted towards fighters who can do damage at range.

Bugs Bunny is our best Mage, even after recent nerfs following the Gizmo patch.

Bugs doesn''t have to worry about, from traps, to falling projectiles, and even specials that can be used to buff teammates.

Bugs has already been nerfed a couple of times, but it''s evident that he is still somewhat over-powered in the current meta.

The idea of Bunny Burrow, which allows pro players to discover new territory, is a real treat.

Only using the tunnels will drastically buff your team if you are paired with certain benefits.

Best Support in MultiVersus

Support fighters are currently the most complex of all MultiVersus classes. Velma is the most straightforward, especially when used in 1v1.

Velma was the standout fighter in EVO 2022, with players utilizing her assistance skills to constantly buff the team, and cause depreciation against opponents.

As Velma fights, evidence will be emitted after certain attacks.

Collect enough of this, and you may summon a police vehicle to help an adversary of your choice.

This leads to so many combinations and kill options that it''s easy to see why Velma currently sits in the ''Strong'' section in our list.

Best Tank in MultiVersus

Let''s start off by looking at MultiVersus'' best Tank fighter. This is Wonder Woman, now that Season 1 patches have taken effect.

Wonder Woman has always had fantastic potential since the very first network test in MultiVersus. Despite the fact that there were a few difficulties that prevented her from jumping up to the ''Best'' tier. Thankfully, recent buffs have really improved things.

There is a flaw here, and that is, when it comes to writing, there is a bug that causes Wonder Woman to take damage when it comes to her specials. This will likely be fixed in an upcoming update.

Wonder Woman is a very strong Tank character capable of handling tons of damage while also getting in close proximity for quick attacks. Her Lasso is now a great option for sending enemy to her, and her special does enormous damage and is quite easy to hit.

Wonder Woman''s down special may be used to clear an all-in-one debuffs. This is especially useful when dealing with Velma or Bugs.

So here''s how to get started with our MultiVersus tier list. Now that you''ve seen what the best fighters in the game, head on over to our top MultiVersus fighters for beginners.

Elsewhere, there''s a guide on MultiVersus'' voice cast.

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