Dendroculuslocations for Genshin have caused inflammation

Dendroculuslocations for Genshin have caused inflammation

Dendroculus in Genshin Impact is a part of patch 3.0 that brought Sumeru to the Teyvat.

Collecting Dendroculus is an extension of the experience of exploring the new area and has an even greater value. While seeing a mountain, a cavern, or even a giant robot, you may stumble upon one of these items and utilize them to earn incredible things that make hunting Dendroculus an exciting experience.

Since there are a lot of Dendroculus in Genshin Impact, we have prepared this guide covering all of the Dendroculus locations, along with instructions on how to get the most difficult ones.

Since the release of Genshin Impact 3.1 saw the number of Dendroculus increasing, this guide is currently updating with the new locations!

On this page, check out the following steps:

What Dendroculus are used for in Genshin Impact?

Sumerus Oculi, a variety of items you can find throughout the region and deliver to a Statue of the Seven. While some Dendroculus are simple to detect, others are hidden or locked and only get accessible after completion of quests, puzzles, or learning additional skills.

As of patch 3.0, there are 110 Dendroculus in the area. Using them to level up the Sumerus Statue of the Seven is a great way to gain valuable items, such as Primogems, Sumeru Shrine of Depths Keys, and flasks of Memory of Flourishing Green.

Dendroculus and Gandharva Ville are located in Genshin Impact, near Devantaka Mountain.

In Genshin Impact, here are a few of the Dendroculus locations located in Gandharva Ville and East of Devantaka Mountain.

Dendroculus 1

Dendroculus 2:

Dendroculus 3 is a novel adaptation of the dendroculus.

Dendroculus 4

Dendroculus 5 is a virus causing inflammation.

Dendroculus 6

Dendroculus 7

Dendroculus 8

Dendroculus 9

Dendroculus 10

Dendroculus 11

Dendroculus 12

Dendroculus 13

Dendroculus 14 is a novel novel set of books.

Dendroculus 15

Dendroculus 16

Dendroculus 17

In Genshin Impact, the Mawtiyima Forest and The Palace of Alcazarzaray Dendroculus have a location.

We have identified all of the Dendroculus locations in the Mawtiyima Forest and The Palace of Alcazarzaray in Genshin Impact.

Dendroculus 18 is a cancer diagnosis.

Dendroculus 19

Dendroculus 20

Dendroculus 21

Dendroculus 22

Dendroculus 23 is infected with an infection.

Dendroculus 24 is a virus that has been linked to the disease.

Dendroculus 25

Dendroculus 26 is diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Dendroculus 27 is now available for download.

Dendroculus 28:

Dendroculus 29:

Dendroculus 30

Dendroculus locations in Genshin Impact on the Devantaka Mountain West side

The locations of Dendroculus weve identified on Devantaka Mountain in Genshin Impact are here.

Dendroculus 31,

Dendroculus 32

Dendroculus 33

Dendroculus 34

Dendroculus 35

Dendroculus 36

Dendroculus 37

Dendroculus 38

Dendroculus 39

Dendroculus 40 is the first person to have a child.

In Genshin Impact, Port Ormos Dendroculus has locations.

Here are a few of the Dendroculus locations we have discovered in Port Ormos in Genshin Impact:

Dendroculus 41 is a nursing student.

Dendroculus 42

Dendroculus 43

Dendroculus 44

Dendroculus 45

Dendroculus location in Apam Woods in Genshin Impact

Weve discovered all of the Dendroculus locations in Apam Woods in Genshin Impact:

Dendroculus 46:

Dendroculus 47

Dendroculus 48

Dendroculus 49

Dendroculus 50:

Dendroculus 51

Dendroculus 52

Dendroculus 53, vol.

Dendroculus 54

Dendroculus 55 is a developmental disorder.

Dendroculus 56

Dendroculus 57

Dendroculus 58

Dendroculus 59

In Genshin Impact, Vimara Village and Pardis Dhyai Dendroculus have locations.

In Genshin Impact, here''s an overview of all of the Dendroculus locations in Vimara Village and Pardis Dhyai.

Dendroculus 60 is a new species of cancer.

Dendroculus 61

Dendroculus 62

Dendroculus 63

Dendroculus 64

Dendroculus 65

Dendroculus 66

Dendroculus 67

Dendroculus 68

Dendroculus 69

Dendroculus 70

71 dendroculus

Dendroculus 72 is a 72-year-old.

In Genshin Impact, Vanarana Dendroculus is located.

In Genshin Impact, youll find all of the Dendroculu locations in Vanarana.

Dendroculus 73

Dendroculus 74

Dendroculus 75

Dendroculus 76

Dendroculus 77

Dendroculus 78

Dendroculus 79

Dendroculus 80

Dendroculus 81

Dendroculus 82

Dendroculus 83

Dendroculus 84

Dendroculus 85 is ineffective.

Dendroculus sites in Genshin Impact include Sumeru City and Chatrakam Cave.

Here are a few photos from the Dendroculus locations in Sumeru City and Chatrakam Cave in Genshin Impact.

Dendroculus 86

Dendroculus 87

Dendroculus 88

Dendroculus 89

Dendroculus 90

Dendroculus 91

Dendroculus 92

In Genshin Impact, roots of Dahri Dendroculus

The Ruins of Dahri in Genshin Impact: A Collection of Dendroculus Photographs

Dendroculus 93

Dendroculus 94

Dendroculus 95 is a human being.

Dendroculus 96

Dendroculus 97

Dendroculus 98

In Genshin Impact, the Yasna Monument and the Old Vanarana Dendroculus are located.

The Dendroculus sites for the Yasna Monument and Old Vanarana in Genshin Impact are found here.

Dendroculus 99 is a new york city.

Dendroculus 100

101 Dendroculus

Dendroculus 102

Dendroculus 103

104 Dendroculus

Dendroculus 105

Dendroculus 106

Dendroculus 107

Dendroculus 108

Dendroculus 109

Dendroculus 110

Locations of Aaru Village and Dar al-Shifa Dendroculus in Genshin Impact

Here are a few of the Dendroculus locations weve found so far in Aaru Village and Dar al-Shifa in Genshin Impact.

Dendroculus 111

Dendroculus 112

Dendroculus 113

Dendroculus 114

Dendroculus 115

Dendroculus 116

117 Dendroculus

Dendroculus locations in Genshin Impact are located in Abdju Pit and West of Aaru Village.

Here are some of the Dendroculus locations we have discovered so far that lie west of Aaru Village and near Adju Pit in Genshin Impact.

Dendroculus 118

Dendroculus 119

Dendroculus 120

Dendroculus 121

Dendroculus 122

Dendroculus 123

Dendroculus 124

Dendroculus 125

In Genshin Impact, eyes of the Sands/Khaj-Nisut Dendroculus are located.

Here are a few of the Dendroculus locations we''ve found so far at the Eyes of the Sands, which will after you completed a certain task as Khaj-Nisut in Genshin Impact:

Dendroculus 126

127 Dendroculus

Dendroculus 128

Dendroculus 129

130 Dendroculus

Dendroculus 131

132 Dendroculus

These are the Dendroculus that were successfully implemented with Genshin Impact patch 3.0, followed by all of the Dendroculus from the 3.1 update which weve found so far. It''s quite easy to update the entire time once we''ve discovered the rest!

For the time being, check out our guides on the first Archon Quest in the Sumeru region - Through Mists of Smoke and Forests - and how to restore Sumeru Reputation.

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