FIFA23's Griddy Celebration: What's the Difference?

FIFA23's Griddy Celebration: What's the Difference?

FIFA 23 is offering a new way of celebrating a goal in... not quite style, but you''ll do it all the same.

In FIFA 23, there are specific buttons to commemorate or hold a "signature celebration." However, if the player you''re controlling has the Griddy as their signature, you''ll have to specify the right button combo to throw these moves down.

We''ll explain how to do the Griddy by following the steps, as long as you''re not so off-the-shelf as myself (hi!).

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What is the Griddy?

In sports, the Griddy is a dance and celebration where you do a similar thing: skip forward with the back of your heels while swinging your arms back and forth, and then bring your fingers up to your eyes to form a glasses-like shape.

The Griddy is a dance designed by Allen Davis, nicknamed "Griddy," which he was a high school American football player when he created the dance and uploaded it to YouTube.

Allen "Griddy" Davis has reached an agreement to include the Griddy dance in EA games. The iconic dance from@LAHGRIDDY2x will be featured in Madden 23, FIFA 23, and future titles.

When Davis demonstrated the dance to his friend and future Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Ja''''Marr Chase, who introduced it to him as a backup wide receiver.

While playing in the NFL, Chase and Jefferson performed the Griddy, and the rest is story history.

How to do the Griddy celebration in FIFA 23

After scoring a goal in FIFA 23, you must hold down R2 and flick the right thumbstick twice.

If you''re an Xbox player, you should hold down RT and flick the right thumbstick twice to do the Griddy dance.

#FIFA23 and @EAMaddenNFL Hold R2, Flick RS Up, Flick RS UpHit the Griddy

Don''t press the buttons on the screen for a celebration or signature celebration, instead perform the inputs below, and you''ll be doing the Griddy in no time.

In FIFA 23, you can have fun with the Griddy!

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