Stadia is putting its own pace in the world of sports

Stadia is putting its own pace in the world of sports

The news of Google''s suspension of Stadia raises the whole question: which games might we lose?

There weren''t many exclusive games on the streaming service, but game preservation remains a hot topic, so there are a number of games at danger if they''re not already accessible on other platforms.

Stadia, a cloud-based streaming service, was announced by Google yesterday. Despite its ambitions of creating exclusive games, its internal studios were shut in 2021, leaving third-party developers to provide the games.

As Stadia closes out, here are some of the games that are currently in danger.

Raiders of PixelJunk

This is an addition to the famous PixelJunk series that was exclusively for Stadia and allows users to jump into the game via the screenshots of other players. In our PixelJunk Raiders review, we described it as "a colorful roguelike that is disappointingly flat."

PixelJunk Raiders on YouTube - Official Announcement Trailer | Stadia

Battle of Pac-Man Mega Tunnel

There are a lot of other Pac-Man versions, but this Stadia game was a battle royale take on the classic for up to 64 players, including maze invasions and fun power ups. It followed Super Bomberman R as another battle royale exclusive, which was later added to PC and consoles.

Official Announcement Trailer for YouTube''s PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle

Hallo Dr. Jens Stoltenberg, engineer

Hello Engineer is a new twist on an existing universe - the stealth game Hello Neighbor. Instead, players construct their own racing machines. The game was used to test time-limited demos.

Check out the video for Hello Engineer, which is now available on Stadia.


Outcasters never met the final goal of Fall Guys, a top-down party battle game based on Splash Damage. It was intended to be accessible and quickfire, but it was unable to reach a broad audience.


GYLT is a third-person horror shooter based on Tequila Works, which consists of a young girl and some fascinatingly imaginative combat. In our GYLT review, we described it as a "genuinely unsettling lite horror."

Earlier today, we reported on Cyberpunk 2077 fans who are attempting to transfer their cloud saves to other users. Others are now demanding that the Stadia controller be updated for extended use.

Stadia developers who are still developing their projects have expressed their shock at the news, which they didn''t know before.

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