In November, OnRush lost online viewing opportunities

In November, OnRush lost online viewing opportunities

OnRush will lose its online capabilities on the 30th November.

With the addition, EA''s Online Services Shutdown page has been updated.

"It''s been a RUSH," a tweets OnRush, which has reported that player numbers in online channels will drop to low levels. The servers will be shut down from the 30th November 2022 for OnRush fans who want to continue playing. "We''re continuing to provide offline modes for our fans."

In 2018 onRush was a cheated experiment on arcade racing, which Martin received a Recommended.

Players'' numbers were somewhat lower than predicted, although it''s evident.

During the game''s launch week in the United Kingdom, OnRush sold just over 1000 physical copies.

The developer was taken into a role as a layoff, including onRush and Driveclub director Paul "Rushy" Rustchynsky, and other senior members of the team.

Although the game will remain viable offline, onRush is now certain that removing online features is the ultimate guarantee.

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