Here's a fan trailer for a ChrisPratt-powered Super Mario remake

Here's a fan trailer for a ChrisPratt-powered Super Mario remake

A lifelong Nintendo fan has decided to create a realistic Super Mario Bros remake and posted a movie-style trailer on YouTube to document their most recent update.

The YouTuber, who has uploaded their videos to Re-Imagined Games, has started planning a remake more than two months ago.

They''ve had to learn Unreal Engine 5 with zero experience in video game development in order to develop the game.

Later this week, Re-Imagined Games released a cinematic trailer for the remake and some gameplay footage, which I''ve included here.

The filmmaker behind Re-Imagined Games is a professional digital artist. They have certainly done a fantastic job with making Chris Pratt''s Mario look realistic. However, the trailer itself is quite impressive, with a script in the style of Honest Trailers, as well as a voiceover that appears suspiciously similar to Jon Bailey of Honest Trailers fame.

Pretty much everything in this game has been completely recreated, including Chris Pratt''s 3D model, custom assets with a mild sense of "realism," as well as a custom character model and animations for Pratt-io''s movements. This video from July will entail their learning process.

Jack Black will play as Bowser in their next release, and another playable Charlie Day as Luigi is scheduled. I hope that they continue to have fun as they learn and add more to the game, as that fact can be explained when you watch their videos and see the game''s progress.

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