GenshinImpact has a list of Scarab locations

GenshinImpact has a list of Scarab locations

Scarab is a beetle found crawling on the sand in the Sumerus desert region or underground, which youll find useful for some characters in Genshin Impact.

Cyno, a five-star Electro character who has been born with Genshin Impact 3.1, is a polearm-wielding, and he has been chosen for this role. If you have already been lucky to unlock him, then you will need these bugs to increase his ability.

This guide covers everything you need to know about how you can use Scarab and where to find Scarab to ensure you can maximize this powerful character as quickly as possible.

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What is Scarab used for in Genshin Impact?

Scarab is a beetle that clings along the sand as well as sometimes on rocks or areas underground, although in any case it can only be found in the vast desert area of Sumeru.

Picking up a Scarab is as simple as walking up to one and connecting with it. Its small amount means it can be easily missed in the vast sands, although it may be seen rolling a ball of dung, which also increases in size as its being rolled.

The only use for Scarabs is to ascend Cyno, but as youll need 168 Scarabs to complete this five-star Electro character, it''s certainly worth discovering the best farming routes to ensure you have plenty to hand once he''s finished.

Where to find Scarab in Genshin Impact

Scarabs in Genshin Impact will be found only in the Sumeru region, specifically in the desert region to the West, which was once introduced as part of the 3.1 update.

When you arrive in the desert, you can get your first Scarab through a cavern tunnel next to the first Statue of the Seven. Aaru Village is just up ahead and, if you head to the northwest of the village during the day, youll find a young man called Nawaz, who will not only tell you about Scarabs, but also offer you four for free - although this only happens once.

From this village, head south east until you reach Dar al-Shifa, which is occupied by enemies. There are two Scarabs here, but youll need to go underground for them. The opening is towards the end of this encampment, and you will need a Geo-based character to break through a hole in the ground.

Two of the images below appear to be similar to those seen along the road south from Aaru Village. These can be found by going underground through Abdju Pit to the north and following the Golden Slumber World Quest.

From the teleport waypoint south of Abdju Pit and east of Sobek Oasis, youll find a Scarab near a cactus. Instead of following the path, head south west and select three Scarabs along here, then use a four-leaf sigil to reach high up a rock ahead where another Scarab is waiting.

Proceed west from here and hit another teleport waypoint, while a Scarab is also waiting by a cactus. From this point point climb down to Sobek Oasis and follow the sandy path to find three more Scarabs.

Next, head to the south of the desert next to the Valley of Dahri, where the second Statue of the Seven is. One Scarab is waiting next to the statue. Grab the cliff and glide down to the area below and see two Scarabs pick up together. Dont let the crowd if it''s an ancient machine with its intentions.

Return to the statue and then head west. Just as you descend on an incline and nearly see an old temple in front of you, you should also find one Scarab along the path.

A Scarab can be seen atop a rock structure, which you can grapple up by using a four-leaf sigil near the teleport waypoint that sits in the most southern part of the desert. North of the waypoint is an enemy camp, but if you avoid it, youll find a Scarab to the right and two Scarabs to the left, with one on a rock.

The Hypostyle Desert is located in the west of this region, and it starts in the southern area where there are two dunes, each with temple ruins. Two Scarabs are also located near the teleport point.

There is a Scarab between two red trees heading east from here. North from there and, while there are less landmarks, another Scarab can be found near a dry bush.

Next, head further west towards the Dune of Magma, where youll find a Scarab on some ruins just southwest of the main temple structure. But, in between, there is also a temple ruin you should stop by which includes one Scarab to collect, and some four-leaf sigils will aid this.

Two more Scarabs are on the west coast of Magma, one on the top of another ruin structure, and the other slightly further down. The area has some powerful machine enemies, while also four-leaf sigils to help you zip around.

A number of markers has been found north of both dunes, which indicate the locality of Scarabs, but they are underground, which leads us to the next stage of the farming run.

A large number of Scarabs are found at King Deshret''s Mausoleum, although the majority of them are actually underground. However, you first need to gain access to the Mausoleum, which you may use by following the Golden Slumber World Quest.

Scarabs are still visible on the surface if you arrive early at the mausoleum. Two buildings are very close by and directly north of the structure.

The following guidelines presupune that you have gained access to King Deshret''s Mausoleum and enabled all of the teleport waypoints:

Head straight to the nearest easterly teleport point (and closer to Khemenu Temple) and find a room where you can turn left. Now follow the corridor until you reach a door on your right; if you have completed the necessary puzzles on the World Quest, this should be open and youll drop deep down. At the bottom, head south and follow this route. Four Scarabs.

A teleport point north of the mausoleum can accommodate two levels; two Scarabs are located along the steps and one Scarab is located in the lower area opposite a canine statue.

Gle down southwest to find one Scarab by a torchfire, and youll find another northeast where the beetle crawling near a Starshroom from the underground teleport waypoint.

Next, walk down the steps leading from the underground teleport waypoint located on the southwest corner of the mausoleum into a large underground cavern. Here, use the four-leaf sigils to the side to reach the higher ground in front of you and discover three Scarabs. If you head up from here, youll enter a room where another Scarab can be found at the end of the room.

Follow the path back down and youll eventually enter another cavernous room. Glide down and see one Scarab in the southeast corner behind a pillar of rock, while another Scarab is hiding underneath some ruins, which can be reached via a gap in the side.

From the teleport direction northwest from the mausoleum, there is a hole you can drop into that acts as a shortcut to the mausoleums underground (be aware that the entrance first must be opened from the inside before it can be used). Follow this route until you can drop down to the lowest level where youll find two more Scarabs.

The Garden of Endless Pillars domain is next to the northwest section of the map. Afterward, you may find four Scarabs near the building.

Head to the Dune of Carouses, but the entrance is on the east side, so it makes sense to walk there from the nearby teleport waypoint. Once inside, youll need to solve a puzzle that allows you to traverse to a higher area where a Scarab is yours to take.

A Scarab is located just a short drive south of the third Statue of the Seven, which is north of Khemenu Temple, so please drop down and pick it up.

The last section of the desert in the northeast is located starting from the teleport waypoint, opposite Khaj-Nisut. Continue southwest and see a higher area that you can reach with via a four-leaf sigil.

Two teleport paths are located between Khaj-Nisut and Aaru Village. Head northeast from the southwestern waypoint, ignoring the gust of wind, and enter the ravine to see two Scarabs.

A Scarab is hidden by the northeastern waypoint. A bit of an climb ahead of you as well as a group of enemies waiting to attack, but there is also a Scarab hanging by the tree.

Good luck with Scarabs!

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