The publisher of Chronicles of Crime picks up another game from Flamecraftstudio

The publisher of Chronicles of Crime picks up another game from Flamecraftstudio

Another board game from Flamecraft is now being published by the company responsible for the Chronicles of Crime series.

Lucky Duck Games, the company responsible for releasing the Chronicles of Crime and Destinies app-assisted games, is now publishing another board game from Cardboard Alchemy''s studio, which is best known for the adorable dragon-themed tabletop title Flamecraft. Cardboard Alchemys Andromedas Edge, a sci-fi game set in the far-reaches of space, has already co-published the aforementioned Flamecraft.

Players must manage the various aspects of their spaceship fleets, taking their turns to perform tasks and spreading their control over the different areas of the galaxy. Each faction will have its own unique playstyle, with Andromedas Edge presenting players with an asymmetrical game that will determine their abilities and/or objectives.

Players will be able to customize their player-boards, which are customisable to suit each individual person''s approach to the game. Players will be able to upgrade their starships, giving them new abilities to gain an advantage over their competitors. New actions will enable them to explore the galaxy, claim new regions and develop them for their respective factions.

Luke Laurie, the co-creator of The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, has devised a spin-off title from The Manhattan Project, a board game based on the major historical event, led by Dwellings of Eldervale and the co-creator of Cyro, a board game created by Pandemic studio Z-Man Games.

On Gamefound, a crowdfunding campaign for Andromedas Edge will be launched in January 2023, with pledge amounts and delivery dates to be yet to be confirmed.

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