Interactive AI Characters will be featured in the Gundam Metaverse

Interactive AI Characters will be featured in the Gundam Metaverse

Visitors to the nextMetaverse will be able to chat with interactive AI characters. Mellow Neige, a character dressed in a Haro-themed headband and necklace, will appear in the Metaverse in an attempt to discuss topic-related topics with the community via chats.

The company will fill Mellows database with knowledge about thefranchise and the Gunpla kits when the Metaverse goes live, and the AI will learn more from the community''s reactions. At the end of the introduction video, Mellow cautioned that the Metaverse might have more AI characters.

As part of their large AI development project, Metaverses Mellow is one of the main AI characters created by Bandai Namco. On the same day, the company published a new press release that re-introduced its AI character project.

Bandai Namco Entertainment launched the channel which would include three AI VTubers in total. Two of the characters, Yuha and Satori Neon, are currently under intense use by regularly streaming mahjong matches. Miyako Popuri, the third AI VTuber, will start at a later date.

While a conventional VTuber would have a real person acting behind the Live2D avatar, these characters are completely AI-managed. They will respond to game situations and stream comments while generating speeches with intonations that feel as close as possible to real humans. The main interactive AI, Mellow Neige, has also been confirmed, according to a press release. Bandai Namco has been working on the same AI character technology.

At theMarch 2022Conference, Bandai Namco announced theMetaverse project. It will provide a forum for individuals to gather and discuss the anime, games, music, and plamodels, but theproject also intends to develop a scanning system for customized kits. The Gunpla section of theMetaverse will be held for the first time in 2022.

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