Battlefield 2042 is closing the development of a future Hazard Zone as Season 1 approaches

Battlefield 2042 is closing the development of a future Hazard Zone as Season 1 approaches

No more updates for the Zone

Anothermode is taking a backseat as DICE continues to ramp up until Season 1. Today, the studio confirms that its future development on the Hazard Zone mode is suspended.

The introduction of the new mode, which involved an-like experience, was one of the first steps on the market. Today, however, EA and DICE are advising that future development will take a hold.

We were all on the team with great enthusiasm and long hopes for this new experience during our development, but we were the first to hold our hands up and acknowledge that it hasn''t found the right home in, and that benefit greatly from staying focused and energy on the most effective modes we see you engaging with, according to today''s blog post.

The mode will still be available to play in. However, aside from addressing significant errors and odd behaviors that might arise, no more content will be released in Hazard Zone. However, new maps will not be supported in Hazard Zone, too.

The long war

DICE is planning several further changes to its Season 1 roster in June. Animation and traversal improvements are planned as well as a revamp of the Kaleidoscope map. Plus, a new map, specialist, and vehicles, as well as a Battle Pass.

Breakthrough is moving to 64 players as previously announced. Conquest will still have the 128-player option on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. DICE says its also attempting to include Rush, the 32-player experience, into the official mode fold during Season 1.

It feels like DICE is attempting to reset, decrease, and move forward, assert the day ended. According to Andrew Wilson, the company did not meet expectations on an earnings call in February. It''s interesting to see if dropping Hazard Zone from the priority list helps the team move forward.

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