Tencent is "aggressively seeking" the majority of its shares in more gaming companies

Tencent is "aggressively seeking" the majority of its shares in more gaming companies

Tencent, a Chinese megacorp, is apparently "resetting its mergers and acquisitions (M&A) strategy" by focusing on "buying majority stakes primarily in overseas gaming companies."

Tencent was originally interested in taking part in minority interests and remained a "passive financial investor." However, it is now "aggressively seeking to acquire majority or even controlling shares in overseas territories," mainly in the "core gaming industry." Metaverse assets are also reportedly of concern for Tencent.

Tencent''s M&A strategy "comes as the world''s number one gaming corporation by revenue is dependent on global markets for its future growth, which requires a robust range of chart-topping games," according to Reuters.

Tencent said it had changed its M&S priorities "long before any new regulations" in China and is looking for "innovative enterprises with talented management teams" (thanks, VGC).

Tencent is acquiring a 300 million stake in Guillemot Bros, the company managed by Ubisoft''s co-founders. Tencent now owns a 49.9 percent stake in Guillemot Bros., which has the largest share in Ubisoft. Tencent is investing in mobile technology as part of Ubisoft''s biggest franchises.

It''s just one of the dozens of investments made by the Chinese tech giant, which also has investments in Epic Games, Activision Blizzard, FromSoftware, and Krafton, a company founded by Riot Games, Sumo Digital, and Warframe developer Digital Extremes.

Shawn Layden, best known for his time in senior roles at Sony, joined Tencent Games last month as a strategic advisor.

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