Suzume, a cat, and a chair play key roles in Makoto Shinkais Suzume

Suzume, a cat, and a chair play key roles in Makoto Shinkais Suzume

The film, directed by Makoto Shinkais, has an official international appearance, and it is just. On Thursday, Toho Films released the second trailer. Along with the trailer, an update to the official website also revealed its key visual and casting information. The film will premiere in Japan on November 11, 2022.

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Here''s the second trailer. The subtitles for English are available in closed captions.

Note: The trailer reveals scenes and dialogue that might be considered spoilers. Instead, take a look at the film that is quite vague on plot details.

The titular Suzume encounters Souta near her house, where she sees him exiting a mysterious, freestanding door, sparking an unusual desire. One day, a mysterious cat turns Souta into a tiny three-legged chair. Souta and Suzume must work together across Japan to shut the doors and trace the sinister cat. The cat appears to be eager to open other doors (or being there when they open), and is concerned about the potential of the disasters.

The first public offering in Japan will be announced in 2023, and the company will be managed by Crunchyroll and Wild Bunch outside Asia.

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