The Sims 4 Reveals a Customizable Pronouns Feature

The Sims 4 Reveals a Customizable Pronouns Feature

Electronic Arts has announced a new addition to its lineup of new customizable pronouns for your characters. Basically, every pronoun in English is covered in a new menu within the character creation system. It doesn''t matter how you identify, or how your character identifies, but you can now set up how you want them to be addressed. But if you don''t wish, you can still use it.

This first version focuses on customizable pronouns only in English, but we will continue to improve and expand this feature as soon as possible. These updates will allow us to ensure we''re catching areas where the conversion may not be taking place right away, so we may continue to improve the feature.

This feature has been completely tested and is able to modify out default pronouns to the custom ones you have chosen, but there may be instances where the feature fails to choose the correct form pronoun or it uses the following verb. In this scenario, we''ll be putting an emphasis on the fact that the specific verb is not the correct, but also on grammar grammar. Please indicate a screenshot in thisAnswers HQ thread.

This is the first step in the direction of enhancing Simmers'' ability to use customizable pronouns over time, and I''m excited to see how we''ll be able to improve the game over time and feature in order to support other languages. While this update isn''t the single-bone of representation for nonbinary and other gender diverse individuals, we believe it is important to develop better inclusion over time as we develop strategies to meet our objectives.

We haven''t yet got any information to share about the introduction to additional languages yet, but stay tuned to our social media channels as we''ll keep an eye on progress once more information is received.

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