Topmembers are apparently given "priority" customer support by PlayStation Stars

Topmembers are apparently given "priority" customer support by PlayStation Stars

PlayStation Stars has just launched in Asia, but some players are dissatisfied with the fact that top members are apparently given "priority" support.

PlayStation Stars has officially launched in Asia this week, confirming that the loyalty program will be introduced to North America and Europe in October. However, as reported by VGC, top members of the program are supposedly given priority when it comes to customer support, which a number of players aren''t happy with.

PlayStation Stars apparently has a four-tier system that players may progress through by purchasing games and trophies. The fourth and highest tier requires you to purchase four full-price games on the PlayStation and gain 128 rare trophies. According to Sony, "when contacted PlayStation Customer Support," tier four players "will be given priority in the chat order."

Automaton, a Japanese company, highlighted this bonus on Twitter, which a number of Twitter users expressed their displeasure. "Customer support must be equal," said a Twitter user (translations via VGC). "There are people who only like a few titles and play them, and there are gamers who cannot afford money or time."

Another Twitter user, yossy_44, said they "don''t think it''s a good idea to prioritize customer support." I purchased a PS5 just for Final Fantasy 16, but is it appropriate for someone like that to be put aside for later?"

PlayStation Stars is a new initiative by Sony that allows players to earn two kinds of rewards, including loyalty points for PSN wallet funds and digital collectibles. These are some of the benefits players can earn by finishing various campaigns and activities (they aren''t NFTs, don''t worry).

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