Crystal Dynamics wants you to answer a survey about Kainseries' Legacy

Crystal Dynamics wants you to answer a survey about Kainseries' Legacy

As a result of a recent survey from Crystal Dynamics, Legacy of Kain is looking for a return.

Square Enix sold out a number of its IPs and a few of its studios to Embracer Group, which included the rights to Legacy of Kain, as well as Crystal Dynamics. Of course, some fans might expect this to happen in the future, as it appears to be interested in rekindling the series.

This survey asks a variety of questions about the series, and if you like me haven''t played the games, it does wonder why you haven''t. It also asks you about vampire games as a whole, and what features in vampire games you enjoy.

It also expresses interest in possible remasters, reboots, and sequels, so at the least someone at Crystal Dynamics knows there''s the possibility to bring Legacy of Kain back in some ways.

One factor to note is that one question questions whether or not a hypothetical new title is singleplayer or multiplayer. The most recent feature in the series, Nosgoth, was a free-to-play multiplayer spin-off title that began in open beta 2015, but the servers were shut down the following year.

The original games were usually action-adventure platformers, a genre you don''t see much nowadays outside of the box office, so if the Legacy of Kain series does return with a new entry, it might be a little different that gamers remember it.

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