Ubisoft's new co-op shooter ProjectU has opened doors

Ubisoft's new co-op shooter ProjectU has opened doors

Project U, a new co-op shooter, has been officially launched by Ubisoft, and you may sign-up to playtest it right now.

The project overview of this Project U is currently somewhat vague, with the game''s page saying that Ubisoft has "been exploring a new concept of session-based co-op shooter, where many players join forces to overcome an overwhelming threat!" it''s a pretty old idea.

A piece of concept art has been shown off that you can see above, which is admittedly quite impressive, with the character designs having a toned-down Apex Legends vibe. However, there is likely to be no one else involved in the game until Ubisoft shows off more (or someone leaks the closed test gameplay).

The sign-up page has a brief FAQ, where it declares that the closed test is open to all PC players, even though it is planned to take place in Western Europe. Although it will be available in countries like France, Germany, and Spain, the game will only be available in English. For those who know what PC specifications are, the minimum requirements are also listed.

Ubisoft may not want to reveal Project U properly yet, but it has made quite a few announcements in the past, including the previously-leaked Mirage, Codename Red, that sends the series to Japan for the first time, and the mysterious Codename Hexe.

If you can believe it, Ubisoft also delayed Skull and Bones this time until early March, when it was expected to be released within a month. This delay is apparently because the team, understandably, requires more time for polish and balancing to give players the "best possible experience."

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