The Finals is a dangerous new shooter from the previous Battlefielddevs

The Finals is a dangerous new shooter from the previous Battlefielddevs

The Finals, a completely chaotic first-person shooter, has been revealed by Embark Studios.

The Finals is a squad-based, free-to-play multiplayer shooter with inspiration from films such last year''s breakout hit Squid Game and dystopian classic The Running Man. The first trailer gives off an impressive first look, with what appears to be completely destructible environments, as well as enemies that burst into coins when you take them down. But the closed alpha is only running until tomorrow, October 3.

According to studio''s creative director Gustav Tilleby, The Finals is "a hero builder rather than a hero shooter." he said the team hopes to "creative a game that allows players to meaningfully interact, change, and use their environment. So, this is a shooter; it''s a game in which players can utilise the environment, and adapt to climate changes." (thanks, Polygon).

Fans of Arkane''s Prey might wonder if there appears to be a certain kind of weapon that works as a glue gun, giving you the ability to clean up or cross over to other buildings.

Standard matches pitch four teams of three against one another, although Tilleby notes that it isn''t a battle royale. Maps are also based on "iconic real world locations," such as the Hotel Monaco in Monte-Carlo, so let''s hope that Embark does not select culturally important locations as places to savor chaos. Maps will also have different times of day and weather effects to make each match feel fresh.

Tilleby explains that all of the damage on the game''s servers is done rather than the hardware, which makes collapsing a whole building more easy.

If you''ve heard the name Embark Studios before and want to ''hang on, weren''t they doing a different game,'' then you''d be wrong, because it was slated to be the studio''s first game in 2023, but The Finals (also called Project Discovery at the time of ARC Raider''s delay announcement) "progressed faster" than Embark Studios "first imagined."

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