Another Returnal on PC leak is available this time for the game'ssettings

Another Returnal on PC leak is available this time for the game'ssettings

Another day, another leak that suggests that Returnal will go to PC, this time revealing the game''s PC settings, and also confirming that Nvidia has DLSS support.

The event may happen at a time when something leaking so much that you''d assume an official reveal would take place, irrespective of the timeline. Not the case for Returnal, as a brand new leak is here in a YouTube video in an icon-era forum post (thanks, PCGamesN). The video has been down now, but not before people may clock some of the settings in the video.

Everything from shadows, lighting, and ray tracing were among the settings, which sounded like a "screen optimisations" toggle, which was spotted for a PC game. A Nvidia DLSS graphics feature, which will require a Nvidia GeForce graphics card, was also spotted.

Returnal''s release to PC was initially reported in the wake of the big Nvidia leak, which continues to be apparent as true with several revelations. In May of this year, a slightly more substantial leak with a title called "Oregon" that sure sounds like Returnal based on the listed tags.

Later in June, there was a similar leak that included screenshots of Returnal, which was later released on PC. This included also some screenshots of Sackboy: A Big Adventure, which was previously confirmed to be coming to PC later this month.

If you still need help, that "Oregon" game was later listed as being available on Steam Deck, which is quite evident in PC gamers at the moment. So it''s probably safe to say that Returnal will be released on PC at some point, and it''s only a matter of Sony announcing the darned thing if it decides to in our lifetime.

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