According toSuda51, if No More Heroes 4 is to happen, there must be a "major fan outcry."

According toSuda51, if No More Heroes 4 is to happen, there must be a "major fan outcry."

No More Heroes 4 might be announced, although series creator Suda51 believes that fans will have to be extremely loud about it before getting one.

While No More Heroes 3 was supposed to be the last item in the series, Suda51 hasn''t necessarily ruled out another game elsewhere down the road, although it sounds like it would be a long journey if it happened. The director recently spoke with GNN about the most recent game, asking whether it''s possible we''ll see Travis Touchdown once more.

"Yes, Heroes No More 3 is Travis'' last battle, according to Suda (translations via VGC). "Nobody may say what will happen 10 years later, and I cant say either. If there is a lot of fan outcry, Travis may be back. As Tom Cruise came back as Maverick, however."

Fans should not expect them to play much too much in the long run, though Suda does not want to insist on another game. So as well as discussing this controversial follow-up, Suda said he''d like to see a collection of the three main No More Heroes games, but it was also up to Marvelous.

No More Heroes 3 was first introduced on Nintendo Switch last year, with VG247''s review of the game putting it four out of five stars saying: "Everyones going in anticipation of madcap mayhem, and there''s often no one more stunned than one sitting with their arms folded waiting to laugh. But Grasshopper Manufactures now knows how to make you crack a smile.

The Microsoft Windows Store, PlayStation, and Xbox versions of the game were also announced earlier this year, with a later confirmation that they would arrive on October 14. Although the Steam version of the game is now available a few days earlier on October 11.

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