Resident Evil 6 isn't a bad game, but i'm ten years on on the go (even if I'm sick)

Resident Evil 6 isn't a bad game, but i'm ten years on on the go (even if I'm sick)

I used to instruct people to never mention Resident Evil 5 or 6 in my presence. There was no genuine reason, other than that Id previously believed these games were a big dropdown for the entire Resident Evil series. However, over time and today, ten years since it was first released Ive learned to appreciate Resident Evil 6. Even if I am not interested in it.

When I first received a copy of Resident Evil 6 from a market in Yorkshire, I was somewhat aware of the cover art (although my dad never accepted it anyway), and I was instead allowed to watch him play it. If you ask, it''s like a win-win.

After having played Resident Evil 7 for myself on Xbox One, I decided to let the game run within a couple of hours. This was achieved on more than one non-consecutive occasion, and I would rather play something from The Dark Pictures Anthology. For the most part, playing Resident Evil 6 was like a chore.

Despite my constant eye-rolling and sighing while playing Resident Evil 6, I quite admire how Capcom tried to do something different and appease every type of player by providing Leon, Chris, Jake, and Ada''s four campaign campaigns. At the start of the game, however, the criticisms of Leon, Kennedy were mixed, and they were all well-trained. I know Leon Kennedy is well-trained and all the time, but does he really need to show off his many diverse fighting styles?

Despite knowing that Resident Evil 6, I have taken charge of myself for trying something different rather than repeating it again. After all, we have a collective debt to Resident Evil 6, because without it, there will be no Resident Evil 7. And that isn''t worth thinking.

It''s been ten years since Resident Evil 6 was released, and while I''ve tried to play it myself with a positive, open mind, I simply can''t stick with it once more. Not only Chris Redfield can encourage me to stick around this time. And that''s okay.

I can now only respect Capcom for merely trying to merge the Resident Evil recipe and the ever-popular action formula in an all-new way; it will never be Resident Evil 4, and it will never be amazing. Now, I have a deep sense of gratitude for Capcom and how it has kept trying new things. For Christs sake, we would not have this without Dino Crisis or Lost Planet, either?

The same works in the publishers tent pole series, too, without these less-than-impressive instalments in the Resident Evil canon, we would not have Resident Evil now, and at the same time, Capcoms strives to keep its games working fine, preserving Resident Evil. Throw the Remakes and the RE engine in there, and youve got a renaissance for Resi fans that we simply wouldnt have without Resident Evil 6.

It''s just a shame that this can''t be said for other horror franchises at the same time as Resident Evil. What happened with Silent Hill, Konami?

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