Tomorrow is your last full day to play Overwatch1

Tomorrow is your last full day to play Overwatch1

Tomorrow, October 2nd, is the last full day during which the Overwatch 1 severs will be available. Blizzard''s first-person shooter will switch off at 8am PT on the 3rd (4pm BST) ahead of the release of the free-to-play Overwatch 2 on October 4th.

What do we feel about it?

Overwatch would be effectively replaced by its sequel, and two weeks ago, the timings for the server switch-over were announced, thus this isn''t news. It felt just important to remember that it''s imminent.

The Blizzard team shooter was first launched in 2016, which means you''ve had six years to play with its maps, modes, and hero characters. Many of these tasks will carry over to the sequel, given Ed and Liam as well. Despite the fact that everything has been changed and re-balanced and improved, thus it is no longer the same game.

I feel like a young guy stoking to dust every time I say this, but the switch-over means that Overwatch 1, a live service game, may not be fully implemented. Sure, as a live service game, maybe it had already gone beyond recognition after six years anyway, but it''s still strange to me that no one will mind that it is going away. (Or maybe they do, but I haven''t seen it, and we''re in for a decade of petitions requesting Overwatch Classic

Let''s be clear: Since the internet sometimes operates at higher registers, I''m not outraged here. I''m also willing to accept that you shouldn''t listen to me, a skeleton holding a USB stick that includes installers for Counter-Strike betas 1, 2, 3, 5.2, 6 and 7, if I ever want to revisit cs_tire for some reason. (Yes, I''ve also got installers for the half-life 1 version that each CS beta requires.)

Instead of plowing my feet, I''m therefore putting the floor open to you. Should we just accept this is the way of things and welcome Overwatch 2''s glorious free-to-play future, or are you as deranged by the notion of modern games as I am?

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