The tag arena, a madcap multiplayer brawler, is being released on PC

The tag arena, a madcap multiplayer brawler, is being released on PC

Family Feud

Currently in development for PC, the Japanese indie dev nekogameteacher is back on the scene with an equally nutty title with an equally dismal precedent. In a colorful anime world that contains one to many superheroes, the Japanese anime creator is engaged in a multiplayer role.

You''ll have to bear with me as concerns arise, but it appears that, true to its title, is the story of two extended superpowered heroes facing off to determine who is the one true Super Family. This war will play out in a series of two-on-two arena-based battles, with teams stepping into the role of their chosen family members all of which have their own unique abilities, abilities, and play styles.

The two teams are able to engaging in fast-paced and chaotic 3D combat, with both melee and ranged attacks, as well as their own respective abilities. While the attacking characters get down and dirty on the front line, it is up to the supporting player to prevent long-range traps, clearing out hazards, or even providing their partner with offensive and defensive buffs.

PC is currently in development (via Steam), which will start with an Early Access period starting August 6, but you can check out the official store page right now. Do it for The Family.

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