On October 5, the Prime Revenant Warframe will be available

On October 5, the Prime Revenant Warframe will be available

Digital Extremes announced today that they will launch the Prime Revenant Warframe into the game starting October 5th and 2022. A number of quick announcements have been made as part of an incoming fresh update happening next week, with the new armor on the table that will coincide with the yearly October event Nights Of Naberus. A Quest To Conquer Cancer charity drive will begin on October 3rd, as part of the "Veilbreaker" expansion, focusing on community feedback. We''ve got more information

Players can reaffirm the Eidolon''s power, along with his signature Prime Weapons, Accessories, and Customizations, in order to take down even the most frightening of enemies. Featuring the Prime Vanguard''s signature gold trim, and improved base statistics, a variety of Prime Access packs will be available for PC and console platforms for players to instantly add this unstoppable force in the game. Revenant Prime, Phantasma Prime, and Tatsu Prime can also be resurr

The annual Nights of Naberus event will be available for a limited time beginning Wednesday, October 5, at 2 p.m. ET, followed by Halloween Liset Decorations, Jack-o-Naught Noggle Statue, and Revenant Glyphs. Plus players can save up to 25% on Day of the Dead bundles from previous years.

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