Next Fest, Saleblazers will have a free demo for Steam

Next Fest, Saleblazers will have a free demo for Steam

Airstrafe Interactive, an Indie developer, has given away a free demo for Steam Next Fest. This is going to be a weird kind of shared experience title as you''ll construct your own shop in the middle of nothing to help your business thrive in an open world. The game''s goal is to keep your business afloat and provide a unique storefront in the middle of a shopkeeping survival experience. The demo will be available from October 3rd to October 10.

Within a reactive open world sandbox populated by customers with minds of their own, you may attract hungry college students suffering from limited budgets, tourists willing to buy just about anything, and dangerous bellyachers demanding to speak to the manager. Stock shelves by gathering, crafting, farming, fishing, or stealingbut consider twice before going to the dark side!

Shopkeeping and landing off-guard have terrible consequences. Watch out for creepy creatures, imposing predators, enemy factions, shoplifters, and vandals! Luckily, anything from swords and scythes to couches and computers can be used as weapons. Hone in on unique roles and playstyles to survive a hostile environment. As a food buff, as a chef specializing in fire damage and cooking weapons,

For a comfortable and relaxed shopkeeping experience, use a fishing market to sell fresh fish. Open a coffee shop to serve tasty beverages and prepare seasonal fare. Decorate and curate a chic clothing boutique to make a difference the world. Build an iconic shopping complexes and acquire rare inventory for a more lucrative shopkeeping experience. Print money by optimizing the gathering-crafting-stocking process and by strategically employing NPC employees to automate operations.

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