Chronicles to Launch Steam Next Fest Demo in The King's Dilemma

Chronicles to Launch Steam Next Fest Demo in The King's Dilemma

Big Trouble, an Indie developer and publisher, has announced that they will be offering a Steam Next Fest demo. Participants will receive a chance to experience a piece of the game for free from October 3rd to October. This gives players the opportunity to see how heavy the crown actually is as you prepare to lead a council and prosper.

Discover the lands of Ankist over a story spanning tens of generations, survive betrayals, and prepare for the final revolt. Or will you think only of yourself?

  • Play as one of twelve different houses, each with their own narrative goal
  • Discover 300+ story-driven dilemmas through Ankist and its neighboring kingdoms
  • Choose branching narrative paths across six intertwined storylines
  • Use influence or corruption to overturn the decisions of the Council
  • Make and break alliances in the Council
  • Invest in research, technology, buildings, and prepare for the final battle
  • Play across generations, choose your heir and their personality and goals
  • Explore multiple endings across many playthroughs, each lasting 3 to 4 hours

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