With "The Journey So Far," The Walking Dead punches our feelings soft

With "The Journey So Far," The Walking Dead punches our feelings soft

Fans of AMC''s season 11 of Season 11 are kicking off the entire series'' worst eight episodes. But here''s how they can say it. For those of you who''ll be on the show''s Facebook and Twitter accounts or YouTube channel on Saturday, October 1, click here for a livestream of the first season.

Here''s a fascinating look back at the road that''s been long before, as well as a reminder of what our heroes are still fighting for when AMC''s returns this weekend:

The season opener for Greg Nicotero and Julia Ruchman, which was released earlier today, shows Lance (Josh Hamilton) and his Commonwealth soldiers are on a seek & destroy mission against our heroes, claiming that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Maggie (Lauren Cohan, Daryl, and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), and Aaron (Ross Marquand, respectively, must brainstorm a plan to keep everyone alive on both sides of the Commonwealth walls. It looks like Da

With the final fight scheduled to start this Sunday on AMC and AMC+, here''s the newest trailer for Season 11 Part 3:

In the documentary "Generation Dead," fans express their wonderful gratitude to Reedus, Morgan, Cohan, Melissa McBride, Khary Payton, Michael James Shaw, and Paola Lazaro, who played the role of franchise and series for the years.

Here''s a look back at the official trailer and tour for Season 11 Part 3 of AMC :

An even greater force is engulfed every individual member of each society following the presence of locusts. With Commonwealth flags increased at Hilltop, Alexandria, and Oceanside, there''s no time to plan for those on the road. It''s a cycle against the clock to keep alive and extract those still living in the Commonwealth before Hornsby can execute his revenge.

In the Commonwealth, Connie''s article has created more chaos than previously. By exposing the Milton''s corruption, their desire to live a better, more equal, may instead put everyone at danger. With the vast debt our group has, simply leaving has never been an option either. However, what they''re planning to undertake will only result in further hardship.

As each group becomes caught in uncontrollable situations, threats lurk around every corner, both dead and alive. Pressure is wreaking havoc on everyone. Will their individual journeys turn into one, or divide them forever? The ominous population of walkers continues to exasperate. Not all will survive, but for others, the walking dead lives on.

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