Sometime soon, Cursed Mansion will be coming to PC

Sometime soon, Cursed Mansion will be coming to PC

Upoint Games and Dragon Emperors have announced this week that they will release their new PC game. It wasn''t really a date or details beyond the idea that it will be happening "soon," but they did provide a free demo for you to try out ahead of time. Surprisingly, not holding it off for another week, so you can try it immediately.

Rose finds clues and key items to assist her in solving problems and escape situations in a hidden forest. There are many ways she can go wrong.

One eye is drawn to multiple endings as well as several puzzles to answer questions in the story. Each area has several interesting puzzles to discover, which may help solve puzzles and puzzles. Progress in progress can be made throughout the game. There may be some bad endings, some excellent ones, and only one TRUE ending.

  • Map Details: Every area is designed and crafted carefully to give an eerie atmosphere inspired by horror movies such as Ju-On and Insidious, as well as horror games such as Majo no le And Layers of Fear.
  • Gameplay Log: Tracks and saves progress in the game.
  • Interactable Icon: Players won''''t get stuck because interactive icons help one see what can or can''''t be interacted with.
  • Alternating Events: Every time the game resets, the events that have previously happened might or might not happen again.
  • Story Branching/Multiple Endings: Every interaction and decision matters.

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