On Being "punked" for His Politics at Terrificon, Rick Hoberg

On Being "punked" for His Politics at Terrificon, Rick Hoberg

Rick Hoberg is a long-standing comics creator. He began working for Russ Manning on Tarzan, then the Star Wars and Spider-Man comic strips. He worked for Marvel in comics such as asand, and for Malibu Comics, before making and developing the first X-Men cartoon. He was also also active in animation, and is currently working with 343 Industries for. He is also a Facebook page;

Some guy who I don''t know ask me if I could make an Invaders sketch on a Marvel Comic #1000 sketch cover. Captain America is flanked by The Human Torch and Namor. He wrote down his name, email address, and phone number. This one time, I let a guy walk away without paying anything personally. I looked him up on Facebook. It gave me all of his information I need to know about him. I''m sorry for any misgivings about him, because he was sorry

I''ll tell you what: I''ll sell this one for $300. Please kindly send me a message if you are interested. I''ll leave this open for one week. Depending on whether the bidder wants it, no names will be posted.

The bid will be put on hold next Friday, October 7, 2022. I may assign a winner at the conclusion or not, depending on their preference.

If nobody is interested, c''est la vie. It''ll sell at some point during my convention travels.

Hero Initiative is a charity financed by Geof Isherwood to ink the piece if the high bidder wishes. Or, a $500 bid is made for the piece, and a request from Geof Isherwood to offer it to the high bidder. Brian Randolph said, "Okay, but only if I can make it compositionally."

Rick Hoberg, who is always the proponent, is always a fan.

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