Wandering Sword, a Wuxia-style video game, is similar to a pixel game

Wandering Sword, a Wuxia-style video game, is similar to a pixel game

The HD-2D genre now has an interesting new audience.

As of late, the pixel RPG genre has experienced a rise, and intends to keep the momentum going. This particular RPG has been getting around by word of mouth on social media, and for good reason: it looks pretty dang interesting.

A new game from Xiameng Studio is described as a Wuxia-style pixel video game, where the player takes on the role of a teen involved in a terrible conflict. In the Central Plains, you embark on a vast journey.

The pixel art out there right away, bringing up somevibes. The Steam page has a wide array of features, including multiple endings for the story, a huge open world, and even nPCs with friendship to win over. Getting to know characters in different sects will greatly help your protagonist learn new martial arts and abilities, which will definitely come in handy when its time to scrap.

Xiameng Studios has described its combat as allowing the player to select the style they want. Those who like action can adopt a traditional turn-based combat approach; meanwhile, those who like action can play in a real-time combat mode with precise action inputs.

Im really curious to see what it is in action. However, even a tactical Wuxia RPG has my interest.

Fists of fury

Although there have been some Wuxia-inspired games in the past, like BioWares, it still feels relatively unexplored. This translates into a clever approach, while also incorporating some surprising elements from the RPG side.

This appears to be a Xiameng studio debut attempt. However, with a good idea and some excellent footage in the trailer, im keen to see where this goes. No date has been established for. You can keep the project up here on Steam.

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