Rose Besch Returns to Boom-Muchy Morphin Key First Cover Appearance

Rose Besch Returns to Boom-Muchy Morphin Key First Cover Appearance

Bleeding Cool was the first to predict that #100 would be a quick sell out, not only because of the new Ranger first appearance, but also because of the ten #1-inspired trading cards. As usual, we were correct. Despite a $10 price point, #100 sold out the day of its publication and a second print featuring a Death Ranger design cover by artist Dan Mora.

#100 is receiving rave reviews on, with fresh encouragement from the diehard Ranger fanbase for Ryan Parrott''s swan song on the franchise. But well, because he''s still writing at the end of the year.

Boom, Parrott, Mora, and incoming writer Melissa Flores have all been successful in Hasbro''s annual, virtual Pulse Con on their second day today. This is particularly fortunate given that the new "recharged" era of begins in issue #101. And at the event yesterday, Boom revealed a brand new variant cover by Red hot cover artist Rose Besch.

Besch''s cover for #9 soared in price on the aftermarket and is now available on Netflix. Other covers by Besch include the #9 variant, which fetches more than $300 and is about $200 for a post.

Besch''s first cover for publisher Boom will be announced in #101 on eBay, followed by her previous covers and hit triple digits?

It appears given Besch''s cover or rather one, because Boom is offering two variations. While the open-to-order version is sure to be popular, Rita Repulsa is the speculator play for the 1-in-100 variant incentive, which includes Mistress Vile''s first cover appearance.

Rita Repulsa is returning with a fresh touch and the last name Mistress Vile!!! #PowerRangers @misty_flores

Keepers of comic book (@CBKcast) July 21, 2022

Rita Repulsa is getting a makeover from Lord Drakkon in the recharged era as Mistress Vile. We''ve previously pointed out Boom''s track record of introducing new characters into the Rangerverse to great success including Drakkon, the Omega Rangers, Ranger Slayer, and others. This key first cover appearance combined with Besch''s proven heat as a cover artist makes this more likely to arrive at the end of the day as a public service. Cheers!

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