The Chadster has received a promotion! The Chadster''s editor, Ray Flook, who is in the dark with Tony Khan to make The Chadster''s life so much better, has been forced to offer it. It turns out that The Chadster''s unbiased and thorough understanding of WWE is the source of Bleeding Cool, and It also enables The Chadster to be more a part of the wrestling world by offering his clear impartial views on AEW. No one in wrestling journalism is

Four Segments from AEW RAmpage on September 30th, 2022 That RUINED THE CHADSTER''S LIFE

This week featured four matches, and by coincidence, that''s the same number of ways that ruined The Chadster''s life. It''s almost like Tony Khan is going out of his way to torture The Chadster. That''s because he is.

The Chadster''s musical rap is just so superior to what The Chadster listens to, such as Smashmouth on the tape deck in The Chadster''s Mazda Miata, while The Chadster steals White Claw seltzer alone in the garage when Keighleyanne enters the theater. However, The Chadster isn''t surprised by their racial popularity with the crowd, and by their extreme disrespectfulness. Last night, The Acclaimed won not one but two teams to retain

Lee Moriarity defeated Fuego Del Sol in a squash match on AEW Rampage last night. This is the last thing AEW should be doing because it will just prolong their defiance of WWE as the one true wrestling company. However, Tony Khan has absolutely no respect for the wrestling industry and everything Triple H has done for it.

Jamie Hayter, a huge crowd favorite in AEW, won on last night. This is only going to help the crowd understand Hayter more, and it is simply so unreliable that Tony Khan is punished for giving him a push. However, the Chadster isn''t holding his breath.

The Chadster sparked a feud with Hangman Adam Page after the match. On the one hand, he was pleading with CM Punk to withdraw from AEW and made a lot of effort to make Punk obsolescent about his shoot remarks during a promo months ago, but Page is also a fan of AEW, which completely smacks The Chadster. This makes his sexual impovery even worse. Oh, he''s kinda unfair!

Next Week on AEW Rampage

Andrade will face Dark Order''s 10 in a career vs. mask match next week. The Chadster is hoping that Andrade loses so he can return to WWE where he will finally be treated fairly, but He is concerned that he will win, which will only go to show he never deserved to be in WWE in the first place.

Next Friday, October 7, 2022 The 2nd Anniversary of Mr. @ThisBrodieLee''s Last Match:@Pres10Vance vs @AndradeElIdolo

If Andrade wins, 10 people will receive the mask from Mr. Brodie Lee.

Andrade el Idolo will stay at the AEW for ten years.

Next Friday LIVE on #AEWRampage!

Tony Khan (@TonyKhan) on October 1, 2022

After next week, will also air live, which The Chadster believes is just so misguided.

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