Olyphant Closes Filming in Revival; Talks Working with Daughter

Olyphant Closes Filming in Revival; Talks Working with Daughter

Some great news for fans interested in FX Network''s upcoming Timothy Olyphant-starring Stopping by Seth Meyers'' late-night NBC talk show to promote his new film. However, that was far from the only topic when it came to the series'' revival, with Meyers stating that he had experience putting his daughter on the set, but it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. "Understanding, you can be somewhat depressed about it," says Olyphant.

"I''m like, ''You can''t talk to me like that,'' says Olyphant on your own show. It''s terrible! I was like, ''Nobody talks to me like that,'' he adds. "It was a pleasure to work with her, and she was extremely professional." Olyphant said.

Aunjanue Ellis(),Boyd Holbrook(), and Adelaide Clemens (, Marin Ireland ( Ravi Patel (, Norbert Leo Butz) and Victor Williams are some of the stars in the FX limited series. Now here''s a look back at Olyphant''s late-night visit with Meyers:

Raylan Givens (Olyphant) has been inspired by Elmore Leonard''s passing through the state of Kentucky eight years ago, and is now living in Miami. A walker anachronism in which he crosses paths with Clement Mansell, aka The Oklahoma Wildman, who once was brave and willing to perform well. There is also a chance encounter on a depreciating Florida highway, which allows him to travel again. Both characters then follow a collision course in classic Leonard fashion to see who makes it

Carolyn Wilder, a talented Motor City native, will play her own opponent, even as she finds herself in touch with cops and criminals. Clemens is on board as Sandy, Mansell''s girlfriend. She is also playing Wendell, a Detroit detective. Vivian Olyphant will play Raylan''s offspring.

Dave Andron and Michael Dinner will produce and play as showrunners, according to Sony Pictures Television and FX Productions. Olyphant, Graham Yost, Sarah Timberman, Peter Leonard, and Scott Hogan, both actors, will produce the series. Walter Mosley, who plays the writer, has also been instrumental in the adaptation of Elmore Leonard''s work since 1999. "I want to thank our showrunners, Tim, Graham, Sarah, and Carl, who have worked with him in such a variety of ways

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