Limited Run Games Announces Book Publishing Imprint "Press Run"

Limited Run Games Announces Book Publishing Imprint "Press Run"

Limited Run Games has announced this week that it will begin a brand new book publishing imprint called Press Run. These former games journalists Jeremy Parish and Jared Petty will be directing new, high-quality books on video games and other game topics on a daily basis. Some of the books have already been released previously and are now available in print, which fits perfectly with the motif. We have a limited set of books that have been previously launched with the company.

The Complete Run is a complete catalog of the company from the start, with extensive packaging photographs and scans, text overviews, screenshots, and checklists of everything produced and sold by Limited Run Games. (Paperback ($24.99) and Hardcover ($54.99) Available now

Every game that was shipped for Nintendo''s 8-bit console in 1987, is vastly examined. Everything you need to know about timeless works such as The Legend of Zelda, Punch-Out!!, and Castlevania, as well as more esoteric titles, according to Collector''s Edition, Paperback, and Hardcover (399.99)

A revised second edition of our extensive Virtual Boy retrospective. Contains detailed timelines, retrospectives, and photography of every game published in the United States and Japan for Nintendo''s least popular (but arguably most fascinating!) system. (Paperback ($29.99) and Hardcover ($34.99) Available September 29)

Sunsoft, a Japanese textile business, has made an extensive research into its history, from its origins as a textile company, to its breakout titles for arcades and NES, and the company''s history is backed by extensive interviews and first-hand accounts from the people behind it! (Paperback ($19.99) and Hardcover ($34.99) Available Sept. 29)

This massive 400-plus book is packed with essays and commentary, all focused on Sony''s first-ever console: The original PlayStation. Previously available as a print-on-demand title and long-out of circulation, this edition combines high-quality full-color printing with a budget-friendly price for the first time. (Paperback ($24.99) Off Oct. 2022

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