S05E03 Dye Hard: 28 Reasons to Check Out The Rookie; "Chenford" Impact

S05E03 Dye Hard: 28 Reasons to Check Out The Rookie; "Chenford" Impact

After last week''s season opener left a ton of "Chenford" fans worried about what the future holds for Bradford (Eric Winter) and Chen (Melissa O''Neil), ABC''s creator Alexi Hawley gave us some suggestions for the remainder of the season. However, this time around, we also have preview images and an overview for Sunday night''s S05E02 "Dye Hard," which will be released on October 9th. This time

Officer John Nolan is moving closer to his new role as a training officer in Season 5 of "Labor Day." In preparation, Lucy receives an invitation for specialized training in Sacramento, and she must choose if this is the path she wants to follow. Written by Elizabeth Davis Beall and directed by Rob Seidenglanz

Officer Celina Juarez, the first officer on The Rookie Season 5 of Season 5, is assigned to him by Natalie Callaghan and directed by Bethany Rooney.

Hawley had some ideas/clues to share with the TV Line about what went down during the season opener, and what it all means:

"The reality of it is that when he was her direct supervisor, there was no way [to go there]" to maintain rank. Even today, Chen & Bradford''s undercover story "allowed us to let some things that the audience completely saw under the surface come up," involving the couple. "And now we''re in a state where we can''t control it. This season, we definitely have to lean into whatever it''s going to be.

Rosalind Dyer slammed Lucy for not showing up in court and not playing her game," Hawley said. Dyer''s assault on ADA Chris Sanford (Kanoa Goo) was a bit of a risk to Chen, but Chen will carry a ton of guilt over the attack, implying that she was completely blamed. "That''s definitely going to have an impact," Hawley said.

"It''ll definitely have an impact on her point of view on what she was planning to do with Tim." That''s something she''ll have to face in the shocking reality, or a splash of cold water, when it comes to the couple''s future.

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