Next Fest for Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider will be on Steam

Next Fest for Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider will be on Steam

The Arcade Crewand developerJoyMasher has announced that it will be a member of Steam Next Fest. The game will be giving people a chance to try out the game in a totally free demo, which you may then try out between October 3rd and October. The demo will allow you to explore and slash through two different levels from the game''s adventure, as well as seeing the opening moments of the storyline. In the second level, you will be able to fight in a state-of

Humanity is found to be an unlikely hero in the oppressed world; authoritarians have used super soldiers as weapons of war, but their designers have sealed their fate by bringing Moonrider online. Conceived as a tool to maintain a totalitarian state, the Moonrider is instead battling for vengeance.

The game''s unique, functional design combines classic action game elements with bright laser-precise visuals. Combat is kept sharp, responsive and challenging, thanks to powerful modifier chips. The game''s stunning world excels in epic battle scenes, with sharpness and clear screen recognition. Result: Choose from this group of five to five to complete.

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