The Territories' Tales: A New Docuseries Teaser Proves A Real Eyeful Tales

The Territories' Tales: A New Docuseries Teaser Proves A Real Eyeful Tales

Fans of wrestling are awaiting the release of VICE TV''s new pro wrestling docuseries on Tuesday night. This new offering from the producers of the show and executive producers Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Daniel Garcia through their company should serve as a quiet stop-gap to keep the network''s attention going until (the network''s highest rated series ever) returns.

By releasing a video from on Twitter, fans of VICE knew exactly what''s going on. In the two-minute scene from the upcoming episode about the Memphis territory, we hear from legendary promoter Jerry Jarrett as he tells them the harrowing tales of his younger days when he was fatally assaulted in the ring. He was left with no alternative than to gouge Galento''s eye out.

Your first look at TALES FROM THE TERRITORIES that time when promoter @JerryWJarrett was malicious during a TV match.

Also feats @JerryLawler, @DirtyDMantell, @RealJeffJarrett, and @RealJimmyHart.

MEMPHIS: Where Wrestling Was Real will premiere on Tuesday, 10p on @VICETV.

Tales from the Territories (@DarkSideOfRing) September 30, 2022

The objective of this article is to let those who came from those territory days of wrestling explain in a round table discussion how the action in and out of the ring was not as scripted and illusional as today''s product. While we viewers should sit back and watch all graphic reenactments. I didn''t think it was possible, but this clip may be more harrowing than.

On VICE, you can watch the premiere of this Tuesday, October 4, at 10 pm.

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