Drew Ford, the founder of It's Alive Press, has died of the Coronavirus

Drew Ford, the founder of It's Alive Press, has died of the Coronavirus

Dimitrios Fragiskatos, owner of the comic book store Anyone Comics in Brooklyn, has been in touch with Bleeding Cool about Drew Ford''s Alive Comics publisher. Recently, we reported that Drew Ford had been admitted to the NYU Langone hospital in Brooklyn. Drew Ford''s wife, Kiki De Coeur, has been posting about his situation on Facebook and has asked people to update them.

Dimitrios tells Bleeding Cool that he has been in touch with Kiki and that Drew has developed pneumonia problems. That he was declared brain dead and his organs are being donated, and that it is likely that he will be declared dead today.

Kiki was given a goFundMe shortly after being established in order to help him. Dimitrios advises: "I don''t know what he did for It''s Alive Publishing himself, so I don''t know what it will mean for order fulfillment to crowdfunding supporters or Diamond, though I think Kiki, his wife, will do her best. I will assist you out wherever you can, as well. When I opened the new store in Queens, Everyone Comics and Books earlier this year

Kiki writes for GoFundMe about her life with Andrew. It''s an emotionally powerful read, but the above text does not cover Drew Ford''s current condition, but I encourage you to read it all the time.

According to NY State law, Andrew (Drew Ford) was discovered on the street of Brooklyn on September 26, 2022. He was in the car and had a COVID-related pneumonia. He went to storage, and picked up lunch on the way home. He never returned. He was always patient and he worked every day, but he never responded. He told him that his life insurance would not pay because of him leaving an absence.

Drew Ford had a great impact on comic books and graphic novels since Dover Books became a special project editor for Marvel Comics, then IDW became a freelance writer, and soon began a crowdfunding campaign to revive the eighties black-and-white comic book series.

I''m sorry to hear about Drew Ford, and wish all my condolences to Kiki. I will be making a donation to her during this time of trial, and I ask you to do the same if you can.

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