The theme park indoorlands in Sim will be launched on October 14th

The theme park indoorlands in Sim will be launched on October 14th

Pixelsplit, an Indie developer and publisher, has announced this week that the game will be available on PC on October 14th. Only this one will have you creating something underground and indoors, allowing the public to do things out of the desert. The full version of the game will also be available here in two weeks.

A park management game in a unique indoor setting, at once multi-layered and comprehensive, with the aim of providing the player a positive feel and challenge. Players are tasked with building a huge indoor amusement park from scratch and to manage the park manager, the interior-, ride-, and coaster designer, as well as the ride operator. There is also a sandbox mode that allows them to create a huge, varied & customizable amusement park, custom rides and rollercoasters.

The Steam Workshop integration gives players access to game content, and dedicated fans have already given away hundreds of rides, decorations, and other assets after the launch. Additional features include three different park locations, new entertainment halls, and decoration parts for roller coasters, community challenge blueprints.

The ''Create Your Ride'' tool allows you to record and create very unique rides that compliment your guests'' needs. Roller coasters can also build your own tracks and use different types of stations. This is why it should be carefully designed and constructed accordingly.

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