5 Spinoffs We're Really Serious About In The Sandman S02 Watch

5 Spinoffs We're Really Serious About In The Sandman S02 Watch

We''ll all be human if we had to be sure that Neil Gaiman and the rest of the live-action series would be in our camp on this episode, according to the authors. So let''s look at how the series will affect the next season in the future. While we''re aware of the fact that Gaiman and the rest of the whole series will be working on this, then we''ll be forced to make assumptions. This is not the case in the streaming series'' universe.

1.Johanna Constantine

Seriously, do we need to say more? Either go a six-episode limited series or "Sherlock"-style, with Jenna Coleman''s Constantine capturing the supernatural world in modern times (with flashes back to her 18th-century ancestor). And don''t you shy away from leaving outMeera Syal''s "Ric the Vic."

2.Lucienne the Librarian

Lucienne, who plays the badass in a cast of badasses and, in many ways, the true power-broker behind The Dreaming. I mean, who else might keep the place running while Morpheus/Dream (Tom Sturridge) was imprisoned? And that''s what we want to see/learn more about, the time when Lucienne stepped up to save.

3.Matthew the Raven & Mervyn Pumpkinhead

Not that serious? We must see Patton Oswalt''s Matthew and Mark Hamill''s Mervyn in a "buddy cop" team-up. Perhaps sent on a secret mission that involves saving The Dreaming? Although, we would be certain to listen to the two have a conversation at 3 am about their meal plans.

4.The Sandman: Tales from The Dreaming

What if you are looking for an anthology series from "The Sandman"? "Dream of a Thousand Cats" (directed by Hisko Hulsing and written by Catherine Smyth-McMullen) and "Calliope," both. I''m looking for it to go with Rod Serling, with several members of The Dreaming as our episode bookend host.

5.The Sandman: The Wake-Up Call

Okay, it''s probably too early to hear about Paramount+''s? The streaming series reveals the real-life narrative of how Gaiman made it from the page to the screen. I know that''s a story I to know more about. Just to see some of the ideas that EP Jon Peters has would be worth the admission price alone.

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