In 2023, Transformers: EarthSpark will be bringing a video game

In 2023, Transformers: EarthSpark will be bringing a video game

Outright Games announced this weekend that they will develop a video game based on the Nickelodeon show. While the company really didn''t get into a lot of detail about how much it might expect from it, they disclosed that they would collaborate with Hasbro on this one, and they released a small piece of information after the announcement.

A number of new features from Hasbro have been revealed at Pulse Con, including a video for This iconic action-comedy series reveals a new generation of Transformers robots, the first to be born on Earth. Together with the human family who welcomes them in and cares for them, they''ll redefine what it takes to be a family. This new game has received critical acclaim in October 2020.

While Hasbro''s event featured a new trailer for it, it was not available online, as of when this article is being published. It''s pretty much anyone''s guess that the game will continue in parallel with the usual Decepticon threat, which has been ever-looming throughout the franchise. However, it is mostly complicated until we get more information from the team. It''s mainly family-friendly since they''re working with Outright, which mostly manufactures games for kids.

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