Melissa Benoist-Starrer Wraps Pilot Filming in The Girls on the Bus

Melissa Benoist-Starrer Wraps Pilot Filming in The Girls on the Bus

The series focuses on anchors from Julie Plec, Amy Chozick, Berlanti Productions, and Warner Bros. TV, which features journalist Sadie McCarthy (Benoist), who meets the campaign trail and eventually connects with three female competitors, Grace, Lola (Behnam) and Kimberlyn (Elmore). Earlier today, Showrunner Chozick took to Instagram Stories to confirm that filming on the pilot episode has concluded.

What You Should Know About The Girls on the Bus

Plec and Chozick''s character-driven comedic drama series draws its inspiration from the chapter "The Girls on the Bus" Chozick''s book and focuses on four female reporters who follow every move of a parade of flawed presidential candidates along the way. Abby Phillip, a senior political correspondent and anchor of CNN''s, is the other consultant.

Sadie McCarthy is portrayed in the Benoist as a journalist who romanticizes Tim Crouse and has scrapped her entire life for her own depiction of a presidential campaign for the paper of record. Kimberlyn Kendrick, an Ivy League-educated Reagan Republican, is a prominent adviser to Liberty News. Foley is about to play a little-known mayor from Kansas who took on the presidency.

Scott is the fiercest political flack in the game, who has just been appointed as press secretary to the presidential front-runner. Dany''s Bruce Turner is Sadie McCarthy''s award-winning, grizzled editor and mentor at Liberty National News. According to Baker, Norah is Sadie''s protective mother, whom she is not happy with. Terry''s Eric Greene is a certified journalist and activist from the 1990s who has been running for president. Bekins is a former journalist and historian who has

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