With a global update, Tower Of Fantasy will debut a new character

With a global update, Tower Of Fantasy will debut a new character

Part of the next global update for will be adding a new character to the game. Cobalt-B is named and she features a Flaming Revolver as her primary weapon of choice. Wanderers will also have a chance to gain rewards by completed challenges focused on three different gameplay elements. However, you''ll only have until October 12th.

Vera is the name of the new cyberpunk-themed area that will expand within the game, bringing with it new environments, mounts, monsters, weapons, and much more. The Desert Gobi is a rich and irradiated wilderness that is home to the Cyberpunk hub of Mirroria in the desert.players will be eager to discover new instances, raids, and legendary bosses that they can join with their friends and "crews."

The entire environment in the Vera area was under the jurisdiction of The Seventh Division of Helgaard before the Cataclysm. After the Cataclysm, the desert Gobby is dominant, and the overall environment is hot and dry because because to the failure of its local "Vera Phantom Tower" (an original energy repeater), no longer can it obtain a stable supply of original energy. Although the majority of people in Vera live in Mirroria.

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