Japan: Paradigm Trigger Preview: Archen Line

Japan: Paradigm Trigger Preview: Archen Line

The last main series set of the era is scheduled to be released in Japan on October 21st, 2022. So far, we have confirmed that this set focuses mostly on Lugia and contains a Lugia VSTAR, while Regieleki will also receive a VSTAR. This set, along with the direct previous Japanese set which focuses on Alolan Vulpix, will be the foundation of the fourth and final English-language set of 2022, which is expected to close out the era for international

ArtistMisa Tsutsui creates a stunning Archen card that blends with its feather colors. Archen dances in a valley of bright grass and vibrant flowers that complement its feather colors. Finally, we get a solidMasakazu Fukuda-drawn Archeops card as a holographic rare in. This gives the powerful Arcehops a nostalgic feel, with a strong, illustrative background that matches with the era''s hol

Japanese sets are often an opportunity to understand early concepts of what the English-language sets might include, so keep an eye on our coverage. Here at Bleeding Cool, you can stay tuned for previews of cards as well as updates on everything.

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